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Watch: Robert Pattinson Gets Kristen Stewart In The Mood For Some Lovin’ In ‘Breaking Dawn’ Clip

Watch: Robert Pattinson Gets Kristen Stewart In The Mood For Some Lovin' In 'Breaking Dawn' Clip

“If this beautiful, expensive home in Brazil is a rockin’ with vampire/virgin sex, don’t come a-knockin’.” That will be the sign Edward puts on the door when he escapes to South America with Bella for their honeymoon in “Twilight: Breaking Dawn,” and ever the gentleman, he’s going to at least carry her across the threshold before sticking it in fangbanger style. Such a nice guy.

Yes, the first part of the two-film finish to the weepy “Twilight” saga arrives next month, and this is just another taste to get mom and daughter fans everywhere all hot and bothered, as they’ve been sitting through three movies to see these two pale hotties finally get down. Directed, inexplicably, by Bill Condon, the film will center on the union of Edward and Bella and the subsequent arrival of their demon child. We’re not sure what happens to the other characters in this movie, mostly because we don’t care enough to try and find out.

Anyway, the celebration of love that is “Breaking Dawn — Part 1” hits theaters on November 18th. In case you’re just getting your feet wet with the franchise, you can endure the screams of the Twihards and catch the first three flicks which return to theaters for limited engagements next month. Clip, pics and assorted odds and sods below. [Digital Spy/Collider]

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Thanks for the great clips and awesome pics but you’re a douchebag, pull your head out of your ass before speaking, it’s apparent you must care because you took enough time to write this and post video’s and photos DOUCHE!!!

You do know it is just a movie saga based on a book series Rodie and Sal. Stupid asses!!


You know, Twilight might be a lot more interesting if these films actually explored just how fucked up psychologically Bella must be in order to willfully choose to become a vampire. But no, the filmmakers seem to say with each installment the answer is simply: “Cuz she luvs him obvs!”



The other character (Jacob) ends up with the demon baby as his future wife. Yes the daughter of the girl he was in love with in the last 3 movies. This story is SICK!

Britney James

Yes! Yes! Yes! OMG it’s almost here! Woooo!

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