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Watch: Scarlett Johansson Likes Her Lips For Kissing In Dolce & Gabbana Ad By Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Watch: Scarlett Johansson Likes Her Lips For Kissing In Dolce & Gabbana Ad By Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Even though she might have been too sexy for David Fincher‘s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” Scarlett Johansson is just right for fashion house Dolce & Gabbana and this new ad finds the actress playing a version of herself in the short film/advertisment “The One.”

There’s not much too it — the actress answers a variety of off-camera questions revealing a few insights such as her favorite body part, how playing an actress in a movie is difficult and how the smell of sunshine is “the best.” Not exactly deep stuff here. However, the spot is directed by famed photographer and music video director Jean-Baptiste Mondino (who has worked with Madonna, David Bowie and Tom Waits and many, many more). He is also the photog behind the recent pics of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander in Le Monde that hit the web. So yeah, he knows how to light a pretty face (though seriously, what is up with ScarJo’s hair?). Anyway, check it out below.

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I like the photography of this commercial, its smooth tones, matching very well with the softness of the scene. Not a big deal, it’s minimalistic, but pleasant.

But Scarlett’s lines, besides being pointless (I think it’s the goal of this ad, as it stays in line with all the artistic dimension) are also a bit stupid (the part with the inspiring wind is a bit dumb)

Then, I quite like this commercial (but I haven’t see anyone dying in front of me, so I’m sad I can’t compare) !


wtf?! Really??


This is — and I’m really, seriously, honest-to-goodness not exaggerating AT ALL here — the worst thing I’ve ever seen and heard. And I’ve seen a man die right before my eyes. This is worse than that.


oh barf.

“Music inspires me. Art inspires me. But so does the wind.”

Cee Lo Orange

Scarlett Johansson is really gorgeous and very talented.

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