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Watch “The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl” Episode 10 (Web Series)

Watch “The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl” Episode 10 (Web Series)

No intro necessary at this point; I’m sure everyone’s familiar. Here’s episode 10 which debuted moments ago, titled The Unexpected (Part 1):

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Where did my $5 kickstarter donation go?


Am I the only one disturbed by the casual use of the n-word throughout this otherwise okay series?


Normally love the show, but this episode was terrible; just a bunch of pointless, nonsensical screaming. I’m not looking up to a continuation of this story, but I’ll keep watching.

Nichole Carter

I watched ONE episode of this show and it was painful for me to get through even that. This show makes no sense to me and is incredibly whack.


Shanika, some of the comments do have that feel (there to be expected) but I’m not part of their cast. So tell me, which aspects of this episode, in your opinion, is dreadful? Are you referring to it’s humor quotient…it’s editing and sound quality…or the writing and acting? As I said before, some of the actors actually convinced me that they were real and not acting.

Was it hiarious? I wouldn’t say that.

On the laugh tip, I do not believe they were going for gut busting laughs. Nevertheless, many of the scenes gave me a big smile. I can’t say the same for most web series and some of that dreadful stuff on BET. Can I say Malcolm Warner’s new series?

Seriously, could you specifically tell us what you thought was so dreadful?


Holiday episodes are over the top and crazy on almost all shows. @ U of I Alum. Yes I do think Issa is a comic genius. And I’m entitled to think whatever I want. She’s definitely doing her part to change perceptions and portrayals of Black women in media. And she’s doing it in a creative way. So IMHO I think she’s a comic genius. I’m not even sure (nor do I care) why you mentioned Richard Pryor. I definitely said she’s “a” not “the” comic genius.


I’m starting to think the cast of the webseries is on here posting the positive reviews. This episode was dreadful!


this episode gets a wtf

Bklyn Negress

Good stuff! Issa has yet to disappoint me.


Did we jump the shark here?


Loved the baby voice dude scene. That’s the only time I ever laughed out loud at ABG. A few other lines/situations made me smile.

True, they could have cut out or reduced the stepping scene but figured they needed to fill space. Overall, the episode was still good and the setup ridiculous in itself. It’s definitely good enough to tune in for Part 2. Even if it was completely bad I’d still tune in. Not every episode can be a home run. Fortunately, real fans know that.


I ‘ve only watched two of these installments but I have to say this is quality entertainment. The editing is tight ( I loved how they used several cameras). The acting is the best I’ve seen in any web series posted on this site. Plus, those sistahs in those tight tights was an added pleasure. OUCH! **wolf call**

This was witty, intelligent and the writing is excellent. This is definitely at the head of the class. They’ve set the bar pretty high.


Am i the only one who got that this was a Halloween special?


Generally disappointed. Didn’t laugh once (okay once, at Darius flipping out), and I’m usually bent over with a stomach ache from laughing during ABG. And just wasn’t feeling any of the characters during this episode.

I’ll tune in next time though because I know from previous episodes that ABG can do better. Much better because Issa Rae and her writers are ridiculously talented – it just doesn’t show very much in this episode.

U of I Alum

@ Nikki: If, as you stated, “Issa is a comic genius!!!” — What does that make Richard Pryor — our Lord and Savior? Weakest episode ever!
Hope they get back on track (because I usually enjoy the show).

D. Cain

I really enjoyed this episode. The stepping scene did drag a long-time, but everything was really funny. I think the production team just wanted to have fun, nothings wrong with that. It’s a holiday themed show, its supposed to be fun and extra out-there.


Hmmm… What happened to this show? Meh…




Well, that was definitely, umm, unexpected.

Wasn’t feeling it, but will hold out judgement until part 2.




Used to be a fan — that was the worst episodes ever! I don’t want to see the sequel to that load of badly-acted BS! Clearly they’ve run out of ideas! Jeeez!


Just watched. It was hilarious. Issa is a comic genius!!!

IJ Clinton

02:08: “Who are these Step du Soleil b~!@#$s?”

07:05: “My unborn fetus can lift this s~!@-, b~!@#. Get up!”


IJ Clinton

Yes! Thanks so much for the post, tambay. The ninth episode had quite a cliffhanger, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting this.

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