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Watch Trailer For ABC’s “Scandal” With Kerry Washington

Watch Trailer For ABC's "Scandal" With Kerry Washington

So here’s your first look at Scandal, the mid-season ABC show produced by Shonda Rhimes, starring Kerry Washington, with Columbus Short. Will all our hopes and dreams be realized? We’ll have to wait and see.

However, I can say without contradiction that I’ve never ever seen one episode of any show Rhimes has produced; but I think I’ll be checking this one out because it stars Kerry Washington and because… it stars Kerry Washington. That’s enough for me.

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I, like many others, love Kerry and wish her well in all her endeavors!

Mekisha Hale

Just reviewing the latest “Shonda Rhimes” work even though this has been talked about for some time before the “The Fall Season” even begin. Finally the a preview of the show “Scandal”. What I’ve seen of the brief view of this show. I already want to see it. And just seeing actress “Kerry Washington” and actor “Columbus Short” and the story about the main character is sounds and looks good enough. For how long it will take to make a difference of course with such a brief view of the show there will probably be more view as time goes on.
Is it a hit well since actress “Kerry Washington” is a great actress already I think she and actor “Columbus Short” can make the show watchable,but the story should just as equally be just as good.


Whaaat! This show makes me excited! An inteliigent, talented, beautiful black actress in a leading role on ABC. Oh hell yes!!! Go Kerry Washington.


This trailer has been on for months…Looking forward to seeing this show, I hope ABC treats it right. Love Kerry Washington and Columbus Short.


The pilot is good. And in response to someone’s comment on another post about SCANDAL, that mid-season replacements are for “bad shows”, they’re actually mistaken. Mid-Season is not what it used to be, just like “January releases” are not the dead zone they once were. Mid-Season replacements are now often good shows they know can do well when a fall show fails. Shonda’s shows have all done well in Mid-Season except for OFF THE MAP, which was poo but got that plum spot because it was a Shonda show.

Scandal will do fine…I hope LOL


This looks great- a very successful Black woman who’s also attractive and not an asexual, dowdy template to make others feel better about themselves. And i also love the graphic with the shredded paper image. Go ‘head Kerry and Shonda!


@ShebaBaby I believe this exact trailer was poster on S&A shortly after it was released and that was indeed months ago.


Actually I don’t think this is the same trailer posted before. I think the last trailer posted didn’t really show Kerry all that much and folks were complaining how could this be her show and they didn’t show her in the trailer. This trailer was just released a week or so ago.


It seems like a high-caliber show. Surprised it didn’t make it on the September launch. Hopefully, they take the time to promote it properly and place it in a decent timeslot.


I love Kerry Washington, so she’s reason enough for me to watch it too.


When will it air?


This is going to be a hit. – I said it first :-)


Oh well we can’t be on top of it all the time


Sergio, you late! LOL Saw this months ago.


Wasn’t this already posted over the summer? Seen it several times

LeonRaymond Mitchell

Okay I get it, it looks good, This is huge for Kerry -a good show on TV every week, this will make her bigger then she was already. I can see the timid reasons why it’s a mid season replacement cause it’s a big Gamble, you have to buy the idea suspend your rigid thoughts and get into it, if you don’t the show will have problems, but from what I see, i would watch this over Grey’s any time!

Darla & Mark

Look good.

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