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Watch: Trailer For U.S. Navy Recruitment Movie ‘Act Of Valor’

Watch: Trailer For U.S. Navy Recruitment Movie 'Act Of Valor'

First, let’s just start off by saying the work that those in the U.S. Navy take on is brave and courageous, and their sacrifice is immeasurable. That being said, turning the efforts of the Navy SEALS into some kind of first-person shooter video game movie does their service to the country a great injustice and plays more like a movie put together by pasting together scenes from “Call of Duty.” Though we guess a movie about mid-level grunts would be boring.

Anyway, the first trailer for “Act of Valor” has arrived and it’s a pumped-up “Hooyah” of a movie that puts real SEALs in the film that is based on their actual missions and presumably utilizes their actual tactics. Scripted by Kurt Johnstad (”300”), “Act of Valor” centers on a Navy Seal squad on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent, and in the process takes down a complex web of terrorist cells that threaten America. Of course, everybody in the movie seems to have access to the latest in high-tech gadgets that don’t seem to break down or malfunction (it almost plays like a Lockheed Martin infomercial), and they are also blessed with being able to take down adversaries with “Rambo” style precision and stealth. And of course, there is your standard shot of dudes jumping out of the way of an explosion in slow motion.

Newbie helmers Mike “Mouse” McCoy and Scott Waugh directed the movie which hits on February 17, 2012. But if you want to see a screening early, if you play “Battlefield 3or something (of course) you may have the opportunity to check it out before everyone else. Trailer below.

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Just more Orwellian propaganda to glorify our decaying imperialist state. What’s next? “Drones: The Movie”?

Kevin Klawitter

I thought that old Charlie Sheen movie “Navy SEALs” was the go-to Navy SEALs advertisement movie.

To paraphrase the always perceptive Siskel and Ebert’s review of that movie, the kind of person who applies to the Navy SEALs because of a movie like this probably isn’t the type of person they’d want on their team.


I’ve seen the film: it blows Call of Duty right out of the water and then proceeds to skull-fuck it.

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