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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Sell Comedy About Dominican American to ABC

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Sell Comedy About Dominican American to ABC

According to Hollywood Reporter, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have sold an Untitled Romeo Project to ABC along with business partner James Lassiter. The comedy will center around a young charismatic Dominican man (played by Anthony “Romeo” Santos) from Washington Heights “who tries to please his very traditional, immigrant father while also creating a life that reflects his new vision of the American Dream.” In real life, Santos is the lead singer for popular Dominican Bachata group Aventura. The show is slightly based on Santos’ real life relationship with his father.

Chris Pappas and Mike Bernier (Unhitched, One Night Stan) will be the project’s writers and executive producers; while the Smiths and Lassiter will serve as executive producers. If turned into a series, the show would join the Smiths’ growing empire, which includes the films The Karate Kid and The Secret Life of Bees, along with Broadway’s Fela! and the recently canceled TNT medical drama Hawthorne.

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Lets hope they give this show a 6 week run!


Let’s not forget the Chinese-Dominicans, the Lebanese Dominicans, the Japanese-Dominicans and the Haitian-Dominicans. DR is a a wonderful mixture of many cultures.

The real question is why now? Why the sudden interest by Mr. and Mrs. Smith to enter the Dominican-American market? So many people have worked hard for years to get attention, what’s different now?


A little more awareness or more than likely someone brought the Smith’s the idea and they decided to give it a shot. Be nice if we could one of them on a podcast.

God, as if permission must be asked to see if it’s okay to show darker Dominicans. Gimme a break.


Official the show is going to be a hit

Reyna yerena

Muy bien romeo eres grande amo tus canciones son yegadoras te deseo mucho exito felicidades =)

Adrian Manzano

I can write for this show so well…


Daniela, nos dicen lo que nos falta en Romeo y por qué le gusta tanto? Danos un poco de su pasado.

joseph palomino

True…we do all come in different shades and color, hope the show does well



Yeah we all know there are Domincans of every shade just like blacks. What’s being said is maybe for once a non- Univision production company will see the obvious value in representing the ignored chocolate hued Domincans on tv…is that okay?

I see where this thread is going…


Yes and did I negate that? Nope. Just said lots don’t look “traditionally” white. That’s an accurate statement as well. Some Brazilians look white but most don’t and aren’t.

joseph palomino

I know many Dominicans that are of white skin that you wouldn’t think what they were until they start talking in spanish, same goes for cubans & p ricans..I have family from P.R just talking from experience


And that’s different from African Americans how?

joseph palomino

Dominicanos are a mixture of African,European and Taino heritage


Tons more don’t look white at all. Lots of angles this show could and should cover [esp. the dreaded denial issues]. They’ll definitely be a larger audience due to the Black in Latin America series. Hoping for the best.


I met Anthony long time ago, before they were Los teenagers. I think that living in NYC they should have all kind races. Congrats to you Anthony. Now you are playing soooo nasssty. Oye, mangaste como eh.

Joe Palomino

True…But many are blonde w/ blue eyes…where you would think are white but speak spanish


Oh my Goodness!!!!!! I will so watch this I listen to Aventura all the time and I love to dance to their music!!!!!!


My Romeo….que bien mi amor……has superado todas mis espectativas como solista y creo que las tuyas tambien…..mi amor tu siempre fuiste Aventura……y ahora tienes el mundo a tus pies…..exito, mucho exito en todo lo que emprendas…..un beso.


Ivad, very mature. Anyways this show will be the only reason i will finally pay for cable.



Many Dominicans are Black so you can add Black characters here and there. Capture both the Latino and Black audience.


Something different. It’ll be interesting to see how it will work out – if given the chance.

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