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XHIBIT P Brings a Hip Visual Perspective on “IDENTITY Vs ART”

XHIBIT P Brings a Hip Visual Perspective on "IDENTITY Vs ART"

The team over at XHIBIT P, brings a hip visual perspective to some of the topics we’ve discussed numerous times here at S&A. I thought I would share a 3-part video they made tackling the topic of the future of the black creative class.

Watch for yourself and don’t forget to let us know what YOU think…

Happy viewing!

Source: XHIBIT P

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Thanks for the support everyone. I’m the founder and director over at XHIBIT P and love Indie Wire! So to have this series featured on the site is awesome :) The hip, gifted and black are everywhere yet we don’t really have a unified voice; hence my wanting to present this panel.

I intend to host another this year, so please stay tuned. The best way to stay updated on XHIBIT P events and content is to join us on Facebook! Again, we love the support! Keep in touch.



I would encourage us all to realize that the art vs. commerce debate is, and always has been a false binary. As artists we are responsible for the content we put out AS WELL as the decisions made in the operations and distribution of our “brand”. There are plenty of ways to accumulate value around what you do without being solely profit driven.

We also have to accept that we can’t control the conversation around our work among critics, industry “gatekeepers” or potential fans/audiences/customers. We can only contribute to that conversation… or choose not to…


This was so fascinating. I recognized most of the faces as well! I always wonder is it possible to be a young person and be successful while doing something you love today. It’s terrifying to think that there is nothing to fall back on if you pursue something you love and it isn’t in high demand or “marketable”. Wonderful and candid interviews. Thanks for sharing.


Very interesting. Just subscribed to their youtube channel.

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