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Zachary Quinto Comes Out of the Closet

Zachary Quinto Comes Out of the Closet

“Star Trek 2” will feature the first openly gay Spock, as Zachary Quinto has officially declare his homosexuality in a small step forward for the ridiculously closeted world of male actors in America. Honestly, I suspect will this do more good than bad to Quinto’s career as he’s not really a huge star and has more to gain than lose (look at what happened Neil Patrick Harris). But hopefully when his career doesn’t implode it inspires a few more folks to join him. How many out male American actors are there? Cheyenne Jackson, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Lane and now Quinto (I’m not counting the Brits.. they do a far better job). Considering acting is – admit it – a kind of gay thing to do, the fact that something like .01% of established male actors in America are openly gay suggests there’s loads more where Quinto came from. But seriously, good for him. Even if he was kidding only a few at this point…

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The grand irony here is that his Captain, Chris Pine, is likely also going to open a closet door at some point, in which case the ‘mos will be running the star fleet. Plus he’s in that Reese Witherspoon film with Tom Hardy, who has ‘dabbled’ (to say the least). Only a matter of time when all the speculation of who’s-what is unnecessary.

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To name a few others (and not a Brit in the bunch): Bryan Bratt; Mario Cantone; Jesse Tyler Ferguson; Jonathan Groff; Sean Hayes (for good, this time); Tom Hulce; T.R. Knight; Luke Macfarlane; Daniel MacIvor (a token Canadian for Peter); Ricky Martin (Puerto Rico counts, right?); John Cameron Mitchell (always out?); Denis O’Hare; David Hyde Pierce; Anthony Rapp; Michael Urie; B.D. Wong — and so many, many more to come.

It’s only a matter of time…

bob hawk

Re my list: it’s Bryan BATT, of course. (BENJAMIN is the Bratt, and an out hetero.)

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