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A “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” Thanksgiving Weekend At The Box Office; “Tower Heist” Fizzles; “The Help” Still In The Top 20

A "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" Thanksgiving Weekend At The Box Office; "Tower Heist" Fizzles; "The Help" Still In The Top 20

Despite all the wonderful buzz around The Muppets, it couldn’t trump the box office behemoth that is the Twilight saga, which stayed on top on the charts this week, taking in another $42 million (in its second week), bringing its cume to a whopping $221+ million. Throw in the $152+ million it’s made overseas, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 has grossed over $374 million across the globe… and I still haven’t seen a single installment from the uber-successfull franchise; Not a single minute; I just can’t bring myself to watch any of them, even for free. But my dollars obviously aren’t having any effect; this is one of the highest grossing franchises in film history. 

Tower Heist, which I figured would be a $100 million property, has managed just $65 million after a month in theaters. 

I was surprised to see that The Help is still a top 20 film on the box office charts; it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray next week, but it’s still making bank in theaters, after 16 weeks in release (or about 4 months). It’s grossed almost $170 million domestically (close to $200 million worldwide). If I was told a year ago, around when the project was first announced, that The Help would do this well at the box office, I would have laughed. Consider it this year’s The Blindside; Viola Davis, that Best Actress Oscar is probably yours; and don’t be surprised if Octavia Spencer wins for Best Supporting Actress.

The rest of the story below (cume in parentheses):

1 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Sum. $42,000,000 ($221,300,000)

2 The Muppets BV $29,500,000 ($42,000,000) 

3 Happy Feet Two WB $13,400,000 ($43,773,000)

4 Arthur Christmas Sony $12,700,000  ($17,000,000)

5 Hugo Par. $11,350,000 ($15,380,000)

6 Jack and Jill Sony $10,300,000 ($57,417,000)

7 Immortals Rela. $8,800,000 ($68,632,000)

8 Puss in Boots P/DW $7,450,000 ($135,361,000)

9 Tower Heist Uni. $7,323,000 ($65,380,000)

10 The Descendants FoxS $7,200,000 ($10,741,000)

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Geneva Girl

I actually only watched the first movie because it was free at the library. I wanted to see what the buzz was about, but I wasn't going to pay for it. I can say that my husband and I had a good laugh. He thought that it was a comedy. I'll only see this installment when the DVD comes to the library and if I guaranteed that Taylor Laughtner takes his shirt off – a lot.


I'm going to take a lot of the kids in my family to see the Muppets later this week. It should get a boost from that. It seems like it should turn a little bit of a profit worldwide if the P&A wasn't too much. From what I could find it only cost $45 million to produce.

While I have no desire to to see twilight and I haven't seen the Help, it is nice see female driven stories turning a profit. There's a better chance of more and perhaps even better projects getting the green light.

Just as I feared, Hugo didn't do stupendous business. It looks like a great film but it may come across as too quaint for contemporary audiences. There didn't seem to be huge promotion for it either. Granted I may not have been viewing the correct outlets where they spent there advertising dollars. I'm probably taking all the little ones to this one also.


The Muppets is a fun movie. Pure nostalgia. The kiddies will like (though I think some jokes will go over their heads) and the adults will love it even more. And they sing The Rainbow Connection!! What more can you ask for?

There seemed to be alot of family films this weekend. I think the Muppets will do well in the end.

Wow – a movie with a predominantly female cast, black women as leads, closing in $200 million. That is an accomplishment, no matter what you think of the film.

that dude

Didn't know THE HELP is still in theatres making money. That's good reporting. Stuff like that, and the fact that TOWER HEIST has only made 55 million….good stuff. Too much box office reporting stops after the second weekend.


Yes! Yes! Yes! OMG, Breaking Dawn is No. 1 two weeks in a row! I can't wait for Part 2! It'll be even bigger! Woooo!


"and I still haven't seen a single installment from the uber-successfull franchise" — tambay

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