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Before Buying ‘Drive’ On BluRay You Might Want To Wait For The “Queen” Edition Nicolas Winding Refn Is Planning

Before Buying 'Drive' On BluRay You Might Want To Wait For The "Queen" Edition Nicolas Winding Refn Is Planning

Although a date has yet to be announced for the home video release of “Drive,” director Nicolas Winding Refn suggests that fans might want to skip the first release of the film on DVD and Blu-ray and wait for a deluxe edition that he’d like to put together in a year or so. Speaking to The Playlist recently, Refn indicated that an upcoming double-dip will offer greater insights and information about the film than the bare-bones iteration that’s due in a few months.

“The version that is released now, like soon, is fairly standard,” Refn revealed. “It does not include any audio commentaries with either Ryan [Gosling] or myself, and it does not include any secret, revealing elements, or mysteries solved, or a huge amount of spinoffs. [But] because I’m a Blu-ray fanatic – no, fanatic, like religiously – I hope that in the near future, I will be able to release a movie that’s not just a movie, but also one that describes the process of the filmmaking, and answers some of the more mysterious elements of the success of that it has achieved.”

Retrospective featurettes typically seem most interesting only years after a film is released, when audiences and critics, and even the filmmakers themselves, have had an opportunity to honestly assess its artistic and commercial merits. But Refn said he’s confident he and star Ryan Gosling will be able to provide some deeper perspectives, much less production details, about the conception and execution of “Drive.”

“I think it will be fun to sometime next year to just start thinking about putting it all together,” he said of the potential timeline. “By then it has played itself through in all of the countries in the world, and all of the various Blu-ray editions have been released. So that would be the time to make, what I would say would be the ‘Queen’ version. That’s what is in the plan for Ryan and I.”

Of course what he means by “Queen version” we’ll have to wait and see, but hopefully everything can come together for Refn to deliver the full blown DVD/BluRay release the film deserves. And if FilmDistrict aren’t up to the task, maybe The Criterion Collection can step in? Dare to dream.

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I hope it doesn't get a Criterion Collection release as they region lock their Blu Ray's

Ohh whatever

Awww daggnabbit, that lil' Nicolas Winding Refn rascal hehee! Who the fuck am I kidding – I'll have the barebones blu day one and will upgrade to this extra-faggoty edition down the line accordingly, Refn/Gosling schedules permitting


What the fuck is Refn wearing in that picture?

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I'm with it….and the thought of a criterion collection release of Drive literally makes my dick hard. I loved this movie…..and I'll buy any and every version he wants to put out!


Would be great if that happens. Its always really cool to hear a commentary from the people who made the movie, and also see lots of other interesting info on the making of the movie.
Love what Ben Stiller did on a directors cut DVD version for Tropic Thunder (incl the hilarious commentary by Downey Jr, Black and Stiller)
Drive was an absolutely brilliant movie – please do a sequel guys! :-)


the movie grossed four times its budget, how is that a flop? did anyone really expect it to do $100 mill in the box office? and I've heard a lot of people talk about the film, i think its appeal will keep growing as time goes on.


Ive already paid for my blu-ray on amazon, but i dont mind double dipping, ive done it many times before as i too am a massive blu-ray fanatic

Baby Goose

Isn't the regulars version coming out on January 10?

Peter Labuza

Yes, I'll be very curious to see the Deluxe version instead of the Standard.

Tristan eldritch

Personally, I've never really gotten the impulse to completely explain and demystify every single element of the film-making process in extras and commentaries. The only commentary I've ever listened to is the one for This is Spinal Tap, which is done by the Tap in character.


I'd buy both!


@EJ: Are you insane? The movie grossed a whopping 50 million from a budget of 13 million – a fantastic achievement for an indie film like this. If anything, this is the kind of movie that will sell like hotcakes on Blu-Ray and DVD, because the people who don't normally go to theaters would rather buy it on Blu or DVD. Criterion would be fantastic.


Hopefully it'll reveal the secret of whether Refn was wearing anything under that blanket.


This won't happen. Movie flopped and probably won't sell enough DVDs/Blu-Rays to justify another release. And if it does, well hey, just another chance for Refn to talk on and on about himself.

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