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Brad Pitt Plays The Retirement Card, Says He’ll Stop Acting In 3 Years

Brad Pitt Plays The Retirement Card, Says He'll Stop Acting In 3 Years

Have Brad Pitt and his “Ocean’s Eleven” director Steven Soderbergh been trading notes? As both men approach fifty, it seems they’re eager to step away from the limelight. Hitting the other side of the planet to promote “Moneyball,” Pitt has revealed to the Aussie version of “60 Minutes” that he plans to retire from acting. Asked by journalist Tara Brown, “How much longer would you like to do your business for?” the actor had a very simple answer.

“Three years,” he said. While revealing, he’s not quite sure what he’ll get to next, it appears that he wants to put a harder focus on producing. “I am really enjoying the producing side and development of stories and putting those pieces together. And getting stories to the plate that might have had a tougher time otherwise,” he adds.

Certainly, there are a few actors in Hollywood who have had the run Pitt has had. He’s worked with nearly every top tier director, his resume boasting names like Terrence Malick, David Fincher, Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott, The Coen Brothers, Edward Zwick, Robert Redford, Jean Jacques-Annaud, Gore Verbinkski, Wolfgang Petersen, Doug Liman, Alejandro González Iñárritu and more. And certainly as his fame has grown, he’s used his clout as a producer to get movies like “The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford” and “The Tree Of Life” off the ground. He’s been nominated twice for an Oscar and he’s pretty much done it all as an actor so, like Soderbergh, it’s easy to see why he may be looking to fulfill his creative juices in another venue.

Via his Plan B shingle, Pitt has been developing a plethora of projects including Malick’s gestating “The Voyage Of Time” documentary and upcoming starring vehicles “Cogan’s Trade,” “World War Z” and “Twelve Years A Slave.” But therein lies the catch-22 that will be interesting to see how Pitt navigates.

The big reason why he can get difficult or unconventional projects off the ground, is largely by producing and starring in those kinds of films. Or if he doesn’t feature in them, they are low-budget enough to get by without his presence (“Kick-Ass“) or have another big name actor in the lead (“Eat Pray Love,” “A Mighty Heart“). But certainly he has the connections and integrity within Hollywood that he can play the game with the best of them to get things made, even if it will be a bit more challenging without the promise of his presence on-screen to push things through.

Now, will Pitt really step away from acting entirely? We doubt it. Perhaps he’ll slow down, and certainly as he also reveals in the interview, he is getting far more choosy with his roles as he becomes more conscious of the legacy that he’ll leave behind not only in the industry but for his kids. “If I’m choosing a film now, I want it to be maybe less immature than things I have done in the past. I’m very conscious, when they’re adults I want it to mean something to them,” he explained. “I want them to think, ‘Dad’s alright.’ It changes everything. Everything. And it’s so damn interesting.”

So whether we’re witnessing the start of Pitt’s slow decline out of the spotlight, or perhaps a midlife crisis of sorts we’ll have to see. But if anything, he’s eager to try and do something different.

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who cares

good for you….keep us guessing and maybe you'll make another kazillion off of us……might need it to keep your growing familiy in the lifestyle that you provide…… I think the effect of the economy is making stars like you less desirable every day…… your looks are changing ….so now you have to be more …….uhhh shall we try for humane. ?


No, Please, don´t stop acting!


Hey Padre, we're working on it. Still tinkering and tweaking.


SUPERSTAR Brad Pitt is entirely awesome! He'll never quit and never be done, because the public will never be done with him. Audiences won't allow him to quit and studios will be badgering him to come back every single day.

And for God's sake PUT A COMMENT COUNTER ON YOUR FRONT PAGE! Trying to figure out where any conversation is going on is impossible around here now.


Anyone who's been paying attention to Pitt's interviews (and Angelina Jolie's) the last 3 years isn't surprised by his statement that he'll quit acting in 3 years. Both of them have said while promoting movies earlier this year (Tree of Life and Kung Fu Panda) that they've got "an exit plan" in place. Jolie in particular has said they don't plan to be in the business on a full-time basis forever and they have too many other things they want to do and would like to settle down by the time their oldest became a teenager. Maddox turned 10 in August. Do the math – he'll be 13 in 3 years, which is when Pitt says he wants to step away from full-time acting. They've both said that they'll maybe do a movie every few years but won't make movies at the pace they're currently keeping.

Jambot 3000

I could see Pitt taking the Redford path. Just showing up once in a while in a smaller film but primarily focusing on the production side of things. I just can't imagine that a time will come when someone like him, who very clearly loves sinking his teeth into a meaty role, just walks away from acting completely. He's sure had a hell of a run.


Maybe he's just tired from doing back to back projects. He's been filming pretty much nonstop this year jumping from Cogan's Trade to WWarZ. He may think differently after he's had a break.


too late..


I am always skeptical when celebrities say that they are retiring like with Steven Soderbergh who I never believed when he said that he was retiring. In addition, Brad Pitt has 31 projects in various stages of development.


Slowing down sounds like a good choice for him. I actually enjoy the majority of his work, but over-exposure by way of A-list status has turned him into a demigod as opposed to a performer. A few years away from the camera and some more carefully picked roles could lead him to that one that really solidifies him as someone to be remembered.

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