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Brandy Norwood, Ella Joyce & Jerry Stiller Join Cast Of Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor”

Brandy Norwood, Ella Joyce & Jerry Stiller Join Cast Of Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor"

Brandy Norwood, Ella Joyce and Jerry Stiller (yes, Ben Stiller’s dad) have all joined the growing cast of Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor, which already stars Jurnee Smollett, Lance Gross, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Williams and Robbie Jones.

As already announced, Smollett will star as said marriage counselor “Judith.” Gross will play her husband; Jones will play “smooth talking client” who has an affair with Smollett; Williams will play the owner of the firm where Smollett practices; Brandy will play Gross’ co-worker; and Kardashian will play Smollett’s friend and co-worker.

Synopsis again reads:

The film tells the story of Judith, an Ivy League-educated relationship expert who makes her living dispensing marital advice, but is so bored with her own marriage that she breaks her professional code and cheats with a smooth talking client only to realize she has made a huge mistake.

Shooting has already begun in Atlanta.


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@CareyCarey, Kasi Lemmons had absolutely nothing to do with “Daughters of the Dust.” You’re thinking the beautiful and fairly straight-forward “Eve’s Bayou,” and I would love to hear you explain how it was a misstep.

While I found her “Caveman’s Valentine” to be overwrought, I thoroughly enjoyed “Talk to Me.”

He may have all the money in the world, but TP could not touch Lemmons on her worst day; not as an actor, director, and certainly not as a writer.


@ Xi, excuse me, let TylerPerry’s #1Fan/Bodyguard/Online Protector/PR Guru say a few more words in response to your comment.

Lets be fair about this.

Who really knows if Nzingha Stewart had the skills to kill “For Colored Girls” -huh? I mean, we don’t know if she was butchering the project which lead to her departure.

And lord knows many people are not thrilled at Antoine Fuqua’s writing nor directing skills. What has he done lately…without Denzel leading the way?

And I know I am not alone when I say I’m still scratching my head over “Daughter Of The Dust”. Come on now, on this site alone, many people dropped by to say that film was confusing as all get out. It had it’s moments but I and others…from what they said…fell asleep 3 times while trying to watch it.

So Xi, don’t blame Tyler Perry for the missteps of others. They’ve had their shots.


“UNfertilized by the T&P movie factory” <--- Haaaaahahahahahahaha! I held out. I really did. I gave Mr. P the benefit of the doubt, hoping he would one day pass those writing and directing duties down to more qualified artists. I had a dream that one day Tyler Perry would be the financier for the Kasi Lemons and Antoine Fuquas of the world. He would assist, monetarily, the Nzingha Stewarts in making the film of their dreams, not snatch it from underneath them. But instead he put Kim Kardashian in a starring role. -_- iCant.


Yeah Mantan, I have to somewhat agree with you. I originally had my reservations about even seeing the movie. In spite of what some believe, I am not a HUGE Tyler fan. I only object to some of the unsubstantiated “criticism” he receives. See, I can’t stand flip-flop phony people. On one had they’re vilifying Tyler Perry and the next second they’re spending their money on and championing some utter BS of the worst variety. So I’m standing on the concept that if a man doesn’t stand for something that he believes in, he’ll fall for any damn thang and take others with him.

Anyway, in reference to For Colored Girls, the poems were cool and some of the acting was tight. However, I didn’t like Tyler’s writing. The transitions before and after the poems didn’t work for me. At other times, the actor or actors didn’t do the poems justice.

In short, I initially went in thinking I wasn’t going to enjoy the film. So I was setup to give it a 3 out of 10 stars. At the end, I believe 5-6 out of 10 is fair. I believe many people, men and women, missed the messages in the movie.

I believe one of the messages was, each of us has more complicities in our downward spirals than we care to admit or accept. In reference to FGC, each of the women in the film had character flaws that only they could fix. It wasn’t always the man’s “fault”.


hahaha @ donny leephart!! you got jokes!!!

the cast of this movie is as random as the cast for the remake of “sparkle”.

jurnee smollet and jerry stiller is the only thing that’s even remotely making me think of possibly watching this movie when it comes out, even then i might now watch it.

i tried to watch his last movie and i just turned it off within 5 minutes.

@carey carey, i know you didn’t ask me and you’re not talking to me but i’ll answer you question about “for colored girls”, i did like “for colored girls” only because i liked hearing ntozake shange’s poems/monologues sprinkled throughout the movie, other than that it was horrible. every character was like caricature. i’ll give him a “C” for effort though, b/c i can’t imagine it was easy to adapt the play into a film, but damn it didn’t have to be that bad!!


@ Sandra, this is a great line—–> “@TylerPerry’s #1Fan/Bodyguard/Online Protector/PR Guru” *smile”

I agree, I love Jerry Stiller, but I think the general public gets wind of Tyler’s movies in ample time. So you can’t UNplug – completely.- from the matrix. You’re in like Flynn, even if you don’t want to be.

But seriously, didn’t you fine ANYTHING pleasing and/or entertaining about For Colored Girls, or have you never laughed at any of his movies or TV shows?


@TylerPerry’s #1Fan/Bodyguard/Online Protector/PR Guru

[i]@ Sandra, Tyler’s core audience is well aware of any and all movies and plays he’s developing. [b]He constantly fertilizes and updates his supporters [/b]via this wonderful thing called the Internet. He sends out personal e-mail which keeps them well informed. [/i]

Since being part of the in-crowd is the only way to obtain info on upcoming Tyler projects, I will resign myself to being UNpopular, UNinformed and most importantly UNfertilized by the T&P Movie Factory.

Love Jerry Stiller! He loves to shout. He should fit right in a Madea production.

Also, this is a good move for Jurnee Smolett (when considering the current state of her career).


I am looking forward to this. It’s one of his projects that i thought was very respectfully written. Really glad to see brandy in a new film.


There’s some real talent here and it’s going to take their very best to outshine Tyler’s writing/directing. It going to be tough but they can do it….I’ve seen it happen. Taraji’s performance in I Can Do Bad comes to mind.

And to be clear, I’m not really a TP “hater.” Though I think he’s a hack, I’ve still enjoyed most of his films.


@ Donnie Leapheart, I don’t know if you’re being factious but there’s actually serious merit to your words…for many reasons. Tyler is the man regardless of what his critic say.

@ misha, I agree wholeheartedly. Tyler may not be the best director, but I’ve enjoyed many of his products and what he’s done for the careers of many black actors.

@ Sandra, Tyler’s core audience is well aware of any and all movies and plays he’s developing. He constantly fertilizes and updates his supporters via this wonderful thing called the Internet. He sends out personal e-mail which keeps them well informed.

@JMac & Robert, first, Tyler is not a pimp! He is no different than any other director, producer, busimen or corner store merchant. It’s called supply and demand. He’s a filmmaker. You can’t knock a man for giving people what they want. Granted, just as a pimp who sells women of the night, Tyler has a product that many frown upon, yet many love love love what he’s selling. And therefore who defines “right” or “wrong“?

On the issue of Kim Kardashian, controversy sells, and again, what’s Tyler’s audience looking for? However, I have to admit that some in his “church folks” crowd have been turned off by the inclusion of Kim, but that voice is in the minority. I’ve come to that conclusion from reading a few popular “black church” blogs. There’s been great debates over one of Kim’s videos. I have not seen the video or videos in question, but from what I gather she’s not in a “churchy” way :-).

Lastly, I always crack a smile at those who say “I’m not a hater…BUT”. Listen, I don’t know why they feel a need to qualify their words in that fashion b/c we all know and can “smell” the breath of a hater. They don’t have to tell us anything. What they are speaks so loudly and is so obvious, that their less than convincing “setup” tells on them.


@ roberto

You don’t think TP is unaware of that? He wants the bossip/necole bitchie audiences and the rest of the rubber neckers.

Pimp is the right word and not a good one to be associated as.

Just make that money, hos!


TP movies remind me of Hollywood marriages. By the time you first hear about the wedding, divorce proceedings are already underway.

Tyler’s movies move at the speed of light, by the time a project is announced it’s already in post-production or halfway through filming, at the very least.

Tyler does not play. He’s a PIMP.


Brandy and kim Kardashian are not on good terms (kim made that video with Brandy’s brother Ray J) so um……..ackward



…Okay. I feel better now. Carry on.


I love Jurnee Smollet, she’s a true talent, and I’m excited to see Brandy but it’s Tyler Perry..he places great actresses and good actors in underwhelming scenes and unflattering angles. Ugh. The only one he was even trying in his last movie was surprisingly Bow Wow


….gotta see it now! He certainly is pulling in an all-star cast

Donnie Leapheart

Tyler Perry is a film genius! He can do no wrong. Every decision he makes is brilliant! Students will be studying his work 20 years from now! There are not many words that can accurately describe his contribution to human history. If aliens ever visited our planet, they could learn everything they needed to know about us from the prolific work of Mr Perry!

U of I Alum

Too busy to respond right now, folks — but please know that I’m thinking something negative about this, even though I’m not writing it!


I LOVE Jerry Stiller!


Love Ella Joyce. Will she be Jurnee’s mom? or…

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