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Brit Drama/Thriller “Top Boy” Gets Another 4-Episodes Order For 2012, Thanks To Acclaim

Brit Drama/Thriller "Top Boy" Gets Another 4-Episodes Order For 2012, Thanks To Acclaim

Meanwhile… across the pond… in the UK…

Channel 4 announced this morning that, thanks to strong audience response, and critical acclaim after it aired the 4-part drama/thriller titled Top Boy, which stars Ashley Walters, a second season has been ordered, and will air in 2012.

Like what is now effectively season 1, season 2 will also comprise of 4 episodes.

The first 4 already aired in the UK, and, from a few reactions some of our UK readers sent to me, it’s a solid piece of work, though its familiar *urban* themes of drugs, gangs and violence (but in a different setting) may turn off some Stateside, others say.

I’ve also heard/read comparisons made to The Wire.

Whether or not it’ll be made available for audiences outside the UK isn’t yet known. Although I won’t be surprised if chunks of the series have already been uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube :)

Those of you in the UK, if you missed Channel 4’s broadcast of Top Boy, in late October/early November, you should know that all 4 episodes are available for viewing online via the channel’s website HERE.

Ashley Walters continues to stay busy…

Watch the series teaser trailer below:

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This was a brilliant gritty series and should not be compered to the wire really. The aspects that could be is the drug element but this is a British story told like the brits do. In saying this their way of telling stories are a little different from US but not any less effective. I highly recommend the show and was immediately wanting a season 2. I would also recommend the movie 'The Veteran" to fans of the show that have come to this site. This again has the feel of Top Boy, a different story; but the same back drop as does Harry Brown another excellent British film set in the world of the housing estates (projects).

E Forde

Okay some facts

Yes, whilst critically acclaimed and of course it was a international trending topic on Twitter for the hours both proceeding and post transmission which is no mean feat. The series was an absolute ratings diaster never gaining more than a 7% audience share (though it did rate surprising well with Male audiences with 38% share in the hour of its broadcast). It didn't even make the top twenty programmes in UK broadcast on the 3 minor channels of which C4 is one (BBC2 & Five being others).

The simple fact is that after all the pre-show publicity a British made drama up against News shows, a reality programme and Comedy panel games failed to find an audience. Admittedly it did loss tiny fraction of its total audience over the four days of its tramsmission. I think it underlined the fact that in the UK white folks don't much like watching black folks. Or so unaccustomed at the sight that they just don't think its something they'd be interested in.

I enjoyed the series though it underlined the scarcity of stories/plotlines for Black people in the country.


This was an excellent series, comparisons to the Wire will raise expectations unecessarily imo.. and while there are some "ghetto cliches" the end of the series was not predictable with regards to the fate of the main characters.

Black brits have their own unique sense of style, wit, and humour and I think that really shines through in the show.

Donnie Leapheart

This news is really only good from the perspective that some people of color will get 4 more checks in this business next year, which lately is an accomplishment in itself…However, I've seen the series so I can give some American insight for those interested.

Top boy is not bad, per se….but it falls apart once you begin comparing it to things like The Wire. The comparison alone is unfair, but inevitable since the influence shows in every frame. The shortcomings are mainly from a story perspective since the acting and filmmaking are well done regardless. Every urban film cliche you predict will happen while watching, eventually happens. If you're a person that has never seen The Wire or any other drug and/or crime drama film/series….then you will thoroughly enjoy this series and find it very original and non-derivative. Having said that, its safe to say that its probably still the best of the urban UK films released over the last five years.

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