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China Resolves Flowers of War Producers vs. Theaters Impasse

China Resolves Flowers of War Producers vs. Theaters Impasse

Tensions between theaters and studios are not only riding high in Hollywood. The Chinese government has intervened to resolve a conflict between the producers of “Flowers of War,” the most expensive movie ever made in China, and exhibitors, who fought against a steep ticket price hike, reports Variety. 

Producers Beijing New Pictures Film, Huaxia Film Distribution and China Film Group moved to collect an increased 2 % of the take (45%) on the 145-minute, $94-million Zhang Yimou drama about the Rape of Nanking, which stars Christian Bale and is China’s official Oscar entry. Theaters then threatened to boycott the film. China’s Film Bureau resolved the impasse by allowing exhibitors to collect a higher percentage of the gross after the film reaches a key benchmark. The 1937 war epic opens in Asia on December 16. Wrekin Hill will release at year’s end stateside.

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J. Sperling Reich

I'm not sure what to make of this story; whether it's a good thing that a third party was able to work out this dispute to everyone's benefit, or wether the government should not be getting involved in a dispute between exhibitors and distributors.

That said, fear of government intervention might keep the studios from bickering with cinema chains all the time here in the U.S.

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