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“Church Girl” With Robin Givens Coming Out On DVD In Jan

"Church Girl" With Robin Givens Coming Out On DVD In Jan

Here’s yet another one of those inspirational-stage-plays-aimed-at-the-black-market heading straight for DVD release. This time it’s Church Girl the popular and successful musical play which toured across the country last year. It’s written and produced by Angela Barrow Dunlap who calls herself “The Leading Lady of Urban Theatre,” which means it’s only a matter of time before she starts making movies too. 

Robin Givens stars as the “villain” or Evil B, who, no doubt, begs for repetance by the end of the play. Ms Givens has been making herself a career of late appearing in these types of plays perhaps to atone for her wicked, wicked ways years ago (Mike still hasn’t recovered)

The play deals with Emily “the daughter of a prominent Pastor, seems to have it all, a great family, a wonderful love interest and is a role model in her father’s church. But things aren’t always what they seem. She is hiding a very shocking secret and has been working overtime to cover it up while maintaining her good girl image. When her worlds collide, events take a drastic turn, secrets are exposed and skeletons come crashing out of the closet. As young women across the nation continue to compromise their bodies and barter their very souls, this hard-hitting stage play dares to answer the question so many have asked, “what would make a well-rooted church girl trade in her choir robe for a g-string?”

Indeed what would? The DVD comes out on January 31st 2012 from Entertainment One.

I need to start checking out these videos out myself.

I couldn’t find any clips from the play, but here Ms. Givens in a brief interview discussing it:

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I've seen the DVD! I found it in my neighborhood RedBox ( 3 weeks ago). Yep, although I live in Iowa, it was sitting right outside my local Walgreens & Kiwk Shop. Now — my opinion of the film/play? Wait — yawl can't handle the truth – can you? :-)


Where can I purchase the DVD and the Soundtrack?


where can i get the play deranged where can i purchase it at pkease let me know were to go i would love to see it i dont know if it every hit my tate or not i would had love to see it here thats washington , d.c. please let me know thanks tajuana jenkins


omg…. all i can say i wish it cm bac to ctown everyone was excellent my girl karen man oh man she showed out like always love it everytime she open her mouth !!!


Your comments concerning why Robin Givens has been doing these inspirational stage plays are narrow, snide, and not a little demagogic. My girl Robin did in no sense have "wicked, wicked ways," nor does she have a damned thing to "atone for." The fact is, Mike Tyson was a brutal, vicious thug who terrorized and tortured Robin during their marriage and it is outright shameful of you to stand up for him at Robin's expense. My gal Robin has been acting in said plays because she genuinely feels the love of God in her heart and wishes it express it publicly, and for no other reason. Why won't you do the decent and mature thing and get off her gorgeous back?


I can see Kim Kardashian duct tape to an old magnovox stereo, eating bon bons in one of these Tyler Perry clones:)

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