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Congrats to “The Methuselah Generation,” This Week’s Project of the Week – UPDATED

Congrats to "The Methuselah Generation," This Week's Project of the Week - UPDATED

Thanks to your votes, “The Methuselah Generation,” the 3-D documentary about four people in pursuit of science-derived immortality, won this weekend’s Project of the Week contest! Congratulations to co-directors Jason Sussberg and David Alvarado.

The filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and is now officially a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from the Sundance Institute.

Stick around for this week’s Project of the Week!


We apologize; the poll was supposed to end at 10 am today and we didn’t close it until 12:30. Screengrabs tell us that “Bending Steel” was ahead at 10am, but at the poll’s close Methuselah had pulled ahead. It’s our mistake and to make good we’re giving both films Project of the Week status, which means they’re each entitled to a consultation with SnagFilms and qualify for consideration as Project of the Month.

More importantly, we’re now testing an app that automatically closes a poll at a given time, removing the human-error element. (Or at least, that one.)

If any of our readers can recommend a terrific polling app that prevents cheating (i.e., refreshing your browser to vote again) and can be set to end at a given time, I’d love to hear about it (Email: We’re switching to Wufoo’s just-released Facebook app, which has the timer (and Facebook prevents multiple votes). The ideal would be one that didn’t require Facebook.

Again, our apologies.

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David Alvarado- Your #4 Update on Kickstarter makes it very clear why people question your credibility. Your statement which appears below is false as verified by Indiewire as BENDING STEEL was announced the WINNER. When voting closed, BENDING STEEL was 40-50 votes ahead. Indiewire admitted making a mistake declaring Methuselah the winner. You even congratulated BENDING STEEL on their win on Facebook. SHAME ON YOU for claiming you ended up tying. You forgot the word UPDATED after Methuselah wins in your update. Just as another person commented, you are disingenuous. Get updates by RSS Update #4: Methuselah wins! Posted about 5 hours ago Thanks everyone for your vote in the IndieWire "Project of the Week" contest. We ended up tying for a technicality with another great project, "Bending Steel".

Ryan Scafuro

I'd like to respectfully ask that everyone stop making insulting comments about either of the films. It does not help the situation and neither filmmakers are at fault here, it's clearly a case of the polling system being flawed and disorganized. Also, it's my birthday and I'd like to have a few glasses of wine instead of sitting in front of the computer and hitting the refresh button ever 5 seconds like I have been since Friday. Thanks.


The Methuselah Generation: The Science of Living Forever
A Documentary project in New York, NY by David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg
Makes one wonder: How did all of the Indiewire votes materialize with only 55 backers? I guess they do need the publicity, so that's what they won't play fair. In addition, I guess that explains their Science Of Living Together.

Michael Jackson

::eats popcorn::

I live with my mom

While there is no clear winner in this contest, its very clear that there are plenty of losers – everyone posting here.

Film girlie

Hey guys! So I logged on to check the results, and boy was I suprised. Not because Methuselah Generation won, but because of some of the comments that were made. The truth is that yes, the poll was flawed, BUT regardless of errors, the poll ended at the same time for all participants! Everyone had an equal chance of winning. Sure, it's disappointing, yet what is not good for the community is to direct inappropriate comments toward other filmmakers! And let me note for those who are wondering, I am not affiliated with The Methuselah Generation.

kathryn scafuro

Thankls for correcting the error of your ways. Bending Steel was ahead and does deserve the Project of the Week…this is so important to many people and the polling is expected to be first rate. Filmaking is an art and so much work goes into every film, this should not happen again…a little work on the website may be necessary to prevent this happening again….go BENDING STEEL!!!


There was no 'obvious winner'. The poll was extended because there was a discrepancy in the deadline. Both sides had an equal shot at continued votes. Both sides lost votes because of an app error. Furthermore, claims of cheating are ridiculous. The Methuselah Generation community is strong and vast across the Internet and we mobilized at the right time and worked hard to get the word out about this lucrative contest. We have way better things to be doing with our time then creating fake FB profiles, trust me. Passionate supporters of film should be happy that this kind of enthusiasm exists for independent film. Rampant negativity will not help any of us accomplish any of our goals.

Ryan Scafuro

Another quick note, our kickstarter project is set to end in 2.5 hours and instead of promoting it I am stressing out about this contest, which is not really helpful. So let me add… IF YOU WANT TO DONATE TO THE BENDING STEEL KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN YOU CAN DO SO HERE… ONLY 2.5 HOURS LEFT!!!! ;)


Regarding Brendan's Comment- Apparently Jason Sussberg from Methuselah admitted Bending Steel won. PLEASE READ- Jason Sussberg good job team "bending steel." it's jason from Methuselah. you out-competed us! good luck on your film. hope to see it. This is posted on Bending Steel facebook page for the world to see. The only way you can make up for your mistake is to declare Bending Steel the winner simply because they won. It appears that Indiwire is the only one who doesn't know the obvious winner. You need to take immediate action and declare Bending Steel the sole winner since Methuselah already conceded Bending Steel the victory. First, voting didn't end as scheduled when Bending Steel was clearly winning. Second, Methuselah conceded in a facebook posting. TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. Indiwire needs to answer to the public, why you insist on declaring Methuselah a winner along with Bending Steel when all the evidence proves otherwise?

Your Comment

Al Gore

People, stop being mean. Remember, I invented this place.

Dave Carroll

Hey Dana, thanks for listening and clearly taking this seriously. The Indiewire POTW and POTM is really important to the indie film community and we certainly appreciate it. Thanks for acknowledging Bending Steel and our position in the poll. We'll await Indiewire's decision. I also want to thank our supporters, Ryan and I appreciate it.

Ryan Scafuro

Hi Dana, thank you for your response. In the above edit, you say the poll was supposed to close at "10am today." I would like to be very clear that in the email that was sent out to all the participants by Bryce, the contest was to end at "MONDAY Nov 21 at 10AM." I agree with what was proposed in "Pacific's" commment: you should close this contest until you are able to run it better, and declare all POTW winners as POTM, giving them all the status and prize. This has caused a good deal of stress and has not been fair to anyone involved. I'm sure the producers of "The Methuselah Generation" would be amenable to this as well.

David Alvarado

Hey all, David Alvarado here. I'm one of the directors for The Methuselah Generation. Aside from all the mean-spirited comments about our film, we agree fully that there was obviously an error in the polls. I think at 10am there was something like 15-20 points ahead for Steel, but the polls did not close. I don't think either team knew what to make of that. But additionally, as those of you watching closely ought to know, the polls were also locked up and people could not vote for films due to an app error. I have numerous screen grabs to show the amount of people writing to Jason and me at 9:45am, saying that they could not vote due to an app error at the eleventh hour. Given that fact, it could have reasonably been us to win. Therefore, with this uncertainty, I agree with IndieWIRE's decision to give both projects equal winnings. Maybe even a dual "Project of the Week" announcement is due here, yes?
But a final two thoughts: 1) The director's of Steel and Methuselah have been very respectful of each other. We would hope that everyone else continues to be respectful and DISCONTINUES to write these rude comments. We are all indie filmmakers and should support one another, not insult. 2) Allegations of cheating are tempting, but unfounded and even libelous. The numbers that both teams earned are amazingly high, but they are due to hard work and sleepless nights of fire and fury. Both films deserve this recognition, if nothing else for our obvious dedication. Thanks for your time.


Dana, thanks for your post. Unfortunately you will never please everyone and I believe your solution is a fair one.


Dana, thank you for stepping up. There were too many people watching on Monday at 10:00. We all know BENDING STEEL was the winner. You need to take this a step farther and declare ONE WINNER namely BENDING STEEL. You need to do this the right way which would only be fair. Also, David Alvarodo wrote in his third update on Kickstarter voting ends on Monday at 10:00- SEE BELOW. The people involved with Methuselah know they lost because like everyone else, they were watching at 10:00 on Monday. They need to step up and admit they lost. If they don't, it's up to Indiewire to declare BENDING STEEL the winner to maintain your credibility with the public and the film industry. This is clearly how you gain public respect.
Get updates by RSS Update #3: Less than 24 hours for your vote!!
Posted 2 days ago Hi all, we have less than 24 hours for you to take just a few seconds and vote for The Methuselah Generation to receive "Project of the Week" and the notoriety that will come with it. Easier access to Sundance, a huge PR push, these are all things that will make your donation go much further.

Here is a shortcut link to the facebook voting site:

It will only take ten seconds, thanks!

The deadline to vote is Monday Morning, Nov 21st, at 10am EST


ms. lady

I agree w/below commentators, indie wire is using indie filmmakers to their advantage, to try and get people within their network to promote their site- they're not even very good at it (see below "this is not the first shady poll" and above "we cannot find a good polling application")

hm. maybe they could award projects based on merit instead of popularity! but if there's a poll and there's gonna be a winner, I'll be there to vote for the best one


I don't see how awarding both projects this status is fair at all when there was a clear winner of what you are calling a contest. And declaring a winner at an arbitrary moment over a day after the poll was supposed to close is not human error, it is plain NEGLIGENCE. Putting independent filmmakers in this situation is not only unfair, it is detrimental to the community. If you really want to make up for it, I propose you close this contest until you find a proper polling method, and GIVE ALL PROJECT OF THE WEEK WINNERS FROM NOVEMBER (INCLUDING BOTH "METHUSELAH GENERATION" AND "BENDING STEEL" THE PROJECT OF THE MONTH STATUS AND AWARD.

Dana Harris

Mike, Ty — the reason I didn't is with a mistake like this, I want to take responsibility, get it settled and move on. There's no way to turn back time and make it entirely "right." The response to this program has been huge — bigger than I ever would have imagined — and the passions run high. It's an imperfect solution, but it's what we've got and we'll do our best for it not to happen again.


You guys admit your faults. Then, change the title and picture!!!!!!


Thanks for responding Dana. The poll was clearly suppose to end Monday at 10am. Honestly though if you know Bending Steel was the winner….


I couldn't find any justice in here at all. The real winner is definitely 'Bending Steel'. Don't cover the truth!!!

Dana Harris

God, I am sorry for not responding earlier; was out of the office for most of today. You're absolutely right, it's our mistake. We didn't close the poll on time. To make up for it, we're giving both Methuselah and Steel status as project of the week and they'll be considered for project of the month. And we're testing a new app that automatically closes the poll at a given time and removes the human-error factor.

Will edit the article to reflect this.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. We appreciate your passion for this feature and don't take it for granted.

Dana Harris
Editor in chief, Indiewire

Banana Hammock

I friggin' love movies. Know what I love more than movies? Justice!


This poll was supposed to close 10:00 am Monday at which time BENDING STEEL was clearly the winner. Everyone but Indiewire was watching. You must apologize to the public loud and clear, and right this wrong. Anyone associated with Methuselah should be embarrassed. Apparently your followers are, if you even have any, because I'm not seeing them on this page. That tells us all something.


Posted on the Bending Steel facebook page from one of the producers of Meth Generation at 12:30 MONDAY:

Jason Sussberg
good job team "bending steel." it's jason from Methuselah. you out-competed us! good luck on your film. hope to see it.

I mean come on. It was very clear when the poll was supposed to end. This really undermines the credibility of this contest and the website. Very unprofessional.

ms. lady

hey, both had a fair chance to keep marketing once they realized voting was still going- crappy poll, but fair win go methesula! (if only i could spell that!)

Mexican Biker Dad

I Say We Stomp Him, Then We Tattoo Him, Then We Hang Him, Then We Kill Him! Viva Los Bendings!!!


I think the NYC Consumer Affairs should investigate your conduct of the poll. Bending Steel was ahead at 10 am on Monday yet the poll continue beyond your deadline until you arbitrarily closed the polls on Tuesday when the Meth Generation had taken the lead. Furthermore, the nature of the votes for the Meth Generation and the timing suggests that Meth Generation insiders may have created Facebook accounts to rig the voting. Shame on you! Your mistake needs to be explained and corrected immediately!

Methuselah Cat





99% in here MOTHA.. GO BacK To YoUR IVoRY TOWer INDieWIRe!! LeT THE PeoplE BEND! BEND BenD


Check yo 3D camera son…Why he got to be RGB, stupid bald guy is giving me headache WHAT+!

Professor Professional



There is no reason to direct your hatred towards the film that is currently being declared the winner. Direct your anger towards the shoddy poll system they set up for it. Limiting the contest to people with Facebook accounts is one thing, but not ending at the said deadline is just negligent.

ridiculously precious

yay!! i'm a Methuselah Generation supporter and i say yay!!


Last time I checked Bending Steel was at number 1. When did the "re-count" occur? Just curious cause it was pretty evident yesterday what film was the true winner. For shame!

Pol Pot

No! I shittiest Pol!

Billy Jean


hack comedian

i've never seen a shittier pole.


Wow what a bunch of sore losers.

Gary Brown

This poll was rigged. Bending Steel was the clear winner until 2 hours past the cut off time.


fixes and scams dirty tricks my man BENDING STEEL IS THE REAL DEAL .


Injustice has been served.


In communist Indiewire, you don't vote for poll, Pol falls asleep on bench in Greenpoint


In communist Indiewire, you don't vote for poll, poll votes for YOU.


Nice work on fucking over Bending Steel.

Celebrating 15 years… of incompetence.


Your website is dumb now.


I love it when my vote doesn't mean anything. P.S., Meth Generation voters, that is NOT Bob Newhart in the ill-fitting raincoat, and you are going to be wildly disappointed.





good luck to that film with the unpronounceable title. just you wait for BENDING STEEL 2: BENDING THE RULES


Indie Wire's credibility is significantly in doubt here. This poll was supposed to close 10:00 am Monday at which time Bending Steel was the clear winner by 7 or 8 % – if not more. This wreaks of an intentional fraud upon the public and complete breach of professionalism. For my part I will do my best to make it known among my colleagues of entertainment professionals that Indie Wire cannot be trusted. Only a public retraction of the results reinstating Bending Steel as the winner and a public apology will right this wrong. Bending Steel won hands down. Plain and simple.


Well the good news is that it looks like Torchwood is getting another season.


I also checked the results at 10 am and Bending Steel was ahead by about 50 votes. Not cool.


This is complete BULLSHIT!!!

Pee-Poo Yum!

Occupy Indiewire!!!


Congrats to indiewire for running a flawed contest and ignoring its own rules/deadlines!

Stiff Upper Hip

Where are all the Methuselah supporters defending their film? Thats right….there are none…they were all fake facebook accounts….duh


If you're going to have a poll and give an official closing time of said poll, you should follow it, since, hey guess what – you're the ones who set it. BENDING STEEL won as of 10am Monday.



Raquel S

I was following this contest closely and I'll echo yet again that at the posted voting deadline, Bending Steel was DEFINITELY winning. By many votes, at that. This is a total sham.


Wait a second….when I checked at the time the polls closed Bending Steel was ahead on votes!?! I'm confused here….why would you even have these polls if it's all arbitrary!?!

Stefanie P.

What are you just making up the rules as you go? Didn't the contest end at Mon. @ 10? Well, BENDING STEEL was the real winner then. If you are going to have a contest then follow your rules!!!

Balls Gag

3D fucking sucks!


What the hell is with you guys!? I havent seen bullshit like this since the 2000 election, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves!

May the best project win

hey everyone it looks like the polls are still open if we keep voting maybe they'll choose bending steel tomorrow, hahaha




Dear Indiewire, you are not supporting independent filmmakers when you get them to promote your contest and website to all of their friends and family, when they could be using the time to do actual work on their projects, and then run the contest with a complete lack of professionalism. Shame on you.

Anne H.

I was watching the polls and BENDING STEEL was up by like 50 votes on monday at 10. What I indiewire trying to pull here?


Wait WHAT? Bending steel was clearly ahead when the polls were supposed to end on Monday. Lame.

Sexy Time Frankenstein

At 10am and a few minutes after wards, Bending Steel was ahead. This contest has been sketchy from the beginning. (the original link had the wrong deadline date listed!)

10am eastern or was it a different time zone?

Muscle Bod

How can you set up poll and not abide by the rules? Bend the Methuselah Generation!!!


Really!?!? No way!

Loud n' Proud

Bending Steel!


How is this possible? Bending Steel had more votes on Monday at 10am when the polls were said to have closed!!

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