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Daniel Day-Lewis Looks Pretty Presidential Eating Dinner With His ‘Lincoln’ Goatee

Daniel Day-Lewis Looks Pretty Presidential Eating Dinner With His 'Lincoln' Goatee

“Four score and seven years ago, I ordered a dessert dammit…”

Actor, shoe cobbler and milkshake enthusiast, Daniel Day-Lewis takes method acting to almost comical heights. Known for staying in character in front of cameras and while sitting in his trailer, doing his laundry at home, buying groceries and going to the gym when preparing and working on a movie, it appears that the Oscar winner is already in full presidential mode for “Lincoln.” The Film Stage has a snap of the actor eating a lovely meal in a shot for the paparazzi any other day, except dude is rocking some serious Abraham Lincoln facial hair and seems to be posing for a coin. So yeah, it’s sort of a first look. At least for now.

A rather wild rumor posits that DDL hasn’t broken character since March and while we know the actor is dedicated, that seems more apocryphal than anything else. But it makes for a good yarn. There is also word that his name has been wiped from call sheets as well, which makes a bit more sense. No word yet if any of the other cast members of Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming historical epic have gone The Full Day-Lewis, but if Joseph Gordon-Levitt starts walking around with a monocle, you know what’s up.

“Lincoln” rolls in front of cameras soon and will likely arrive in time to earn Oscar nominations in every category in late 2012.

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Nik Grape

People … people … can we just stop for a second and recognize how good DDL looks ALREADY as Lincoln? Not that there was any doubt, of course … but damn, talk about pitch-perfect casting. It's crazy.

Haven't anticipated a Spielberg film like this since … Minority Report I think.


I really don't know how his family stands it or doesn't go mad. Can you imagine being married to someone who is 100% Method, 100% of the time? Sounds kind of hellish to me. For their sake, I hope his rumored dedication to Method is way overblown.


I heard that he's keeping his Lincoln voice and accent when he speaks with Spielberg. It wouldn't surprise me if he's kept it up since March.


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