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Deliverance—and The 3 Stooges

Deliverance—and The 3 Stooges

Some weeks back, when I traveled to Atlanta to tape my host segments for Turner Classic Movies, I thumbed through the then-current issue of Atlanta magazine in my hotel room. The theme of that issue was “Hollywood of the South,” a survey of movie and TV production in Georgia, and I pored over each article and photo feature with great interest.

I’m happy to report that you can now find those contents online HERE.

They include an oral history on the making of Deliverance, a history of filmmaking in the state (which, unfortunately, omits the ground-breaking location shoot of The Biscuit Eater in 1940), a profile of Tyler Perry’s multi-media empire, a behind-the-scenes look at The Walking Dead, and more.

In many ways the most interesting feature is “The Trickle-Down Effect,” a flow-chart that illustrates in precise and persuasive terms how money is spent when a movie comes to town. (The specific example is the Farrelly Brothers’ recent shoot of The Three Stooges, a film I’m dreading, but that’s beside the point.) Anyone who doesn’t believe that film and TV production spreads green stuff throughout every strata of a community should scrutinize this piece. Yes, giving tax credits is a tricky matter in our current economy, but when you see how production budgets are dispersed to gas stations, hardware stores, dry cleaners, and the like, it’s hard to see a negative picture.

I never would have known about this magazine had I not visited Atlanta at just the right time. That’s why I’m eager to share my discovery with you.

(Hollywood Comes to Atlanta illustration by Thomas Burns)

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@ Leroy

It would be very difficult to agree with any critic 100% of the time, though I tend to agree with Maltin more often than not, The truth is that mediocrities get overrated by critics and audiences alike all the time because there is really no difference intellectually between most critics and the average moviegoer.

See, I can copy and paste things that I have already written too.

Leroy White

I haven't seen this movie and I don't want to. But ever since Leonard gave The Dark Knight a bad review, Leonard has about 0% credibility left. The Dark Knight is voted by IMDB users as the best movie of 2008, about the 10ths best movie of all time and is loved by the critics just as much. After Leonard gave The Dark Knight a bad review, its just impossible to take his opinion seriously regarding movies.

gary lycan

Excellent find for all of us who are buffs of film history. Thanks, Leonard, for your discovery.

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