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Denzel Washington Looks Mean In New Photo From “Safe House”

Denzel Washington Looks Mean In New Photo From "Safe House"

Been awhile since we wrote anything about this… Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in the thriller Safe House , in which Ryan plays a CIA agent who must protect a rogue ex-agent (Washington) from assassins.

The film, directed by Daniel Espinosa, is expected to be in theaters in February 2012.

Here’s your first official look at Denzel in character (full image below):

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I have great respect for Denzel…NOBODY does it better. However, he can’t turn straw into gold.

I am suggesting that there are other major factors to the success or failures of movies in which he’s the star power. The writing, directing and supporting actors are the first place to start. Now I have to mention The Book Of Eli. Well, the respected actor Gary Oldman was in it, and so was Jennifer Beals (she still looks good) but the movies budget was 80 million and it grossed a dismal 93 million. I doubt if that paltry “profit?” had it’s producers buying new retirement homes and cabins in the sky.

So what went wrong? Weeeell, I hate to say this…but…the directors, The Hughes Brothers blew it. And to some degree, maybe the movie’s religious theme had something to do with the slow moving turnstiles. Then again, could it have been the lack of drawing power of the supporting cast? Who knows, although Ryan Reynolds doesn’t make me reach for my wallet ( I really know nothing about the guy. Off the top of my head, I couldn’t tell you one movie he was in) but I’m sure many “other” people jump for joy upon hearing his name.

So now we have director Daniel Espinosa and writer David Guggenheim? That reminds me, how did these guys with those funny last names get this plum job? Who are those guys, what have they done and who do they know?

Oh well, the beat goes on and Denzel will kill this part. But who else is coming to dinner? Will the public turn out to see the “alleged” alcoholic rogue black man…who’s hiding in a safe house…kill a bunch of white people?

Tamara Bowaski

Ah, now I see…the synopsis and UNDERSTAND. I was much to blinded by…”the scowl” to even read the full-on who’s who and what they do, in the feature.

#readingissooofundamental LOL


@haq, the studios pair an older A list star with a rising younger star to attract a wider audience. George Clooney and Ryan Gosling were paired in a movie together recently. I hope Denzel’s film doesn’t turn out like Wesley Snipes Blade movie which also starred Ryan Reynolds. Wesley did not like the fact the studio paired him with a young actor. I like Ryan Reynolds but I am not convinced he is a star. Green Lantern was a huge bomb and many people felt he was the wrong choice. The biggest hit Ryan has in his career was the Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Sandra was the star not Ryan.


Denzel still looks as badass as ever. Will definitely watch.


“Who farted…?”


That scowl… :-)


Why the hell does Denzel need Ryan Reynolds protection? Stupid BS.


I co-sign Stud’s statement!


Bad-ass. I’ll watch anything with the great Denzel in it.


I agree w/ Steven.


This looks like a definite must-see. Don’t care about Ryan Reynolds but this pic is killer.

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