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Ewan McGregor Joins Noah Baumbach’s ‘The Corrections’ For HBO

Ewan McGregor Joins Noah Baumbach's 'The Corrections' For HBO

After an excellent, nuanced and emotive turn in Mike Mills‘ “Beginners” earlier this year, and with a Steven Soderbergh collaboration arriving in January of next year (“Haywire“), is Scottish actor Ewan McGregor finally back on track?

Over the years, we’ve lamented his post-“Star Wars” prequels career, which basically leaves the actor’s work in an unmentionables section, but we’ve always been rooting for the guy to find his footing again — he’s talented, as his early arthouse work illustrates, and apparently he’s one of the nicest and easiest guys in the industry to work with.

Well, it looks like he’s back. Another fine addition to his upcoming resume is a lead role in Noah Baumbach‘s forthcoming adaptation of Jonathan Frazen‘s “The Corrections” for HBO, which already stars Chris Cooper and Dianne Wiest.

Centering on the various stories of a dysfunctional and repressed Midwestern family spending one last Christmas together, “The Corrections” will star Cooper and Wiest as the pater familias and matriarch of the family, respectively, and McGregor will play Chip, the Marxist academic middle child who reunites with his brood during the holidays. Two more actors need to be cast, one to play the eldest son Gary, a successful but depressed, alcoholic banker living in Philadelphia; and the youngest, Denise, an also successful Philadelphian chef with her own romantic problems.

Scott Rudin is the producer, and so far Baumbach is shooting the drama pilot, but it’s unclear how many episodes this thing will run and whether Baumach will be directing all of them (we hope he is). And no word when it’ll turn up on HBO, but we hope sooner, rather than later. [Deadline and THR]

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I really don't understand while people seem to think Ewan's career has been on the skids since Star Wars. Post-Star Wars work includes not only Beginners, but also The Ghost Writer, I Love You Philip Morris, Young Adam, Men Who Stare at Goats (which yes, I will defend vigorously), Down with Love, Iago and Sky Masterson on the London stage, and 2 globe-spanning trips. So Deception was trashy fluff…at least it was simple, watchable fluff which is more than I can say for the garbage we get from Johnny Depp, and yet no one ever laments his career with the same condescension as they do Ewan's. I wish that narrative would end already! He's a brilliant, criminally underrated actor and deserves way more love than he gets.

Rohan Berry

I'm really excited about this Franzen/Baumbach project. I love Franzen's writing, whilst Baumbach's The Squid and the Whale is a minor masterpiece and suggests the director is a perfect fit for this adaptation. McGregor's continued career resurrection is just an added bonus.

Stacey Brook

I hope Ewan McGregor does more leading roles in American mainstream movies from now on.

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