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Exclusive: Trailer For Rosa Karo’s Award Winning ‘The Italian Key’

Exclusive: Trailer For Rosa Karo's Award Winning 'The Italian Key'

While you probably already know the familiar names of the big films that have conquered Sundance, Berlin, Cannes, Venice and TIFF this year, there are plenty more films that journey their way city to city, country to country, festival to festival charming audiences and picking up accolades that don’t quite get the same attention as their starrier competition. But they are definitely worth tracking down, and one such film is Rosa Karo‘s “The Italian Key.”

The feature film debut by the Finnish director, “The Italian Key” was shot in the small Italian village Cabella Ligure (where Karo lives when she’s not in Los Angeles), and tells the story of Cabella (the lovely newcomer Gwendolyn Anslow), whose Uncle Max dies, leaving her with titular key. She travels to Italy where falls in with three sisters and a ghost, and begins to uncover her past while looking ahead to the future. “The Italian Key” has picked up an armload of awards, appearing in eleven film festivals and walking away with fourteen trophies including Best Film, Best Script and Best Music among them.

Unfortunately, the film is without U.S. distribution, but hopefully that will change very soon. In the meantime, check out the trailer and poster for the movie below. It opens in Finland on December 16th.

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Ingemar Johansson

Roosa you have done a beautiful film here! And Toumas, the music is great.
I listen to the music everyday in my cottage:)
Good luck on the premiere. I hope i can fly over to Helsinkki.


Looks AMAZING!!!

Elle Favorule

Awesome!! love it!!


This looks really amazing! so excited for it! :)


Incredibly beautiful! Intriguing…I can't wait to see beyond the trailer!

Paula Rhodes

Wow! Looks beautifully shot and I love the idea of the story. Where is it playing next?


Looks gorgeous, from the trailer it comes off as a subtler take on A Good Year, swapping France for Italy.


… And I'm happy to say that I'm personal friends with most of the cast, as well as Rosa and Tuomas – congratulations on a job well done!


… And I'm happy to say that I'm personal friends with most of the cast, as well as Rosa and Tuomas – congratulations on a job well done!


Such a wonderful atmosphere! I really like how the places and tiny things tells you the story and how it's not all about action. It does carry you into a different and beautiful world! Can't wait to see it!


I was one of the lucky ones to see this sweet story with an amazing cinematography and the most beautiful music on the big screen! Innocence, fun, mystery, everybody will find something for the soul. Going right to the Heart!!! :)


I just saw another trailer for this film in front of Aki Kaurismaki's "Le Havre" movie here in Finland. We seem to be lucky, it's coming to theaters in December here! Will for sure check it out, I've had enough of ugly and depressing movies for a lifetime… I think I'm not alone!


Very intriguing plot. Not my usual bailiwick, but might have to venture forth and check this film out.


What beautiful work ~ cannot wait to see it!


The cinematography is breath taking. I'd love to be able to see this in the theater.


Shot so beautifully!


Really incredible. Looks beautiful.


Absolutely gorgeous trailer… Glad to see someone is still shooting in the glorious Merchant-Ivory style and isn't doing "found footage" in their garage and backyard with dim lights and wobbly camera. These girls are super beautiful while not at all within the barbie stereotype. That's probably why the movie doesn't have distribution but here's hoping that someone can think outside the box and bring these little European gems to the theaters here in the U.S.


Beautiful cinematography!!!


Fantastic shots and interesting story! Looking forward to watch the whole movie!

Mariana Groparu

The trailer it is really good and the movie Seems to Be Even Better. I did not
Understand whay it is unfortunately That the movie dont have U.S. distribution.
It is working very good whitout it.
Iam looking for to wach the movie without U.S. distribution.

Stephan Rumhorst

yeah, reminds me of that movie too, great shots in the movie…. when will it be on screen in germany??


I LOVE this trailer!!! The film looks beautiful and cinematic. I can not wait to see it on the big screen.

Yugo Swede

Wow! It looks great!!! I can't wait to see it!! When is it again???


Reminds me of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".


What a remarkable trailer! The visuals were stunning. Where/When can I see this film?

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