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Filmmaker John Akomfrah Awarded Routes Laureates Award

Filmmaker John Akomfrah Awarded Routes Laureates Award

The European Culural Foundation of the Netherlands has unanimously voted to award Ghanaian/British filmmaker John Akomfrah with their 4th Routes Princess Margriet Award of 25,000 Euros.

Akomfrah, whose latest film Nine Muses opened in New York last year and played at several film festivals including the Sundance and London Film Festivals, will be presented with the award on March 19. 2012 at a ceremony in Brussels by HRN Prinecess Margiret of the Netherlands.

According to the Foundation, Akomfrah was selected from among 90 other nominations “for his ground-breaking film oeuvre woven from perspectives often hidden from the accepted narratives of European history”

As we stated back in October in an item about Akomfrah, originally from Accra, Ghana, Akomfrah moved to the UK as a child. He studied art and sociology in college. At 28, he made his seminal film, Handsworth (1986), about racial and civil strife of 1980s Britain, and has since made 16 other films, including Seven Songs for Malcolm X (1993), Martin Luther King: Days of Hope (1997) and The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong (1999).

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Didi Cheeka

I think John is great, as a person, as an artist. I am happy for this and know John has worked hard enough for this [and more]. Want to see his films this part of the world more. Great! my friend.

Ekwa Msangi-Omari

How exciting is that! I LOVE John Akomfrah's work, he's a great thinker and a great human being! Totally deserves it!

paul roberson videographer FBOOK

steve MC QUEEN MISSED a golden opportunity to OUT the ETHNOCENTRIC/racists in da semi-circle!
BUTT, because he was trying to be polite–STEVE missed the golden opportunity to seriously challenge this gathering of ETHONCENTRIC/RACIST fellow-filmmakers–AND, to call them out for what they actually and absolutely are…RACISTS!!! AND, STILL…he did not just come out and OUT all of the directors in the discussion as RACISTS, ETHNOCENTRIC RESISTANCE TO A PEACEFUL INCLUSION OF PEOPLE OF COLOR!!! THAT'S THE FACT GOD DAMN IT!!! OBAPR PAUL ROBERSON, DIGITAL FILMMAKER

Richard Iton

Left of Black featuring Amy Alexander and John Akomfrah


One of my all-time favorite filmmakers; I honestly don't think he gets enough credit. His films are unconventional, groundbreaking, provocative, breathtaking and always informative and entertaining to watch. I think "Last Angel of History" is his best film. For some odd reason, his short film "Digitopia" isn't listed on IMDB.

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