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First Official Look at Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper in Blacklist Plagiarism Indie ‘The Words’

First Official Look at Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper in Blacklist Plagiarism Indie 'The Words'

We last profiled this film back in June, when Tambay posted on-set pictures of its two leading stars Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana filming a romantic city stroll.

The Words, a feature film debut by Tron: Legacy writers Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal, is a Blacklist title (the annual list of Hollywood’s hottest un-produced screenplays), and was previously work-shopped at the Sundance Screenwriters’ Labs. The story centers around a writer (Cooper) who, while at the peak of success, discovers the price he must pay for stealing another man’s work. That’s all we know so far.

The film, currently in post-production, is set to be released sometime next year.

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@ K, Brad in “Limitless” was also a writer….but a writer quickly turned to a stock broker? LOL That part of his characterization gained some side-eye from me, but I get it…sort of. He became ‘limitless’ in all things. He was able to finish his book to completion, but writing a finite story with infinite thinking wasn’t enough so he jumped to the numbers game which I guess is sort of a natural progression, all things considered—all ‘science’ considered.

“Limitless” instantly reminded me of a graphic novel/comic book that I had purchased on last year called “Rest”. Both had the same premise and a couple real similarities in plot, so I wondered if somehow the two writers of each were the same or if the movie was adapted from the novel or whatever. But the premise overall isn’t something that hasn’t been explored before. “Strange Days” comes to mind and I’m sure there are others.

But yeah, Brad was a writer at least at the beginning of the flick, though not at the end. :-) I really did enjoy that movie more than I thought I might.


I think there is a reason most of Zoe Saldana’s love interests are white men and that’s because Hollywood is white male dominated. If an actress of colour WANTS to reach the A list she has to work with the top white actors. The interesting thing is, the white men in power in Hollywood only let a limited number of black women get the high profile roles. Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union have all worked with white men so I don’t see the big deal that Zoe does.


Good for Zoe!

But I…don’t see Bradley Cooper as a serious actor for some reason. I dunno..


Can’t wait to watch it. For some reason his role descriptions reminds me of Limitless. Kudos to Zoe. I agree with everyone in that it’s nice to see a black woman working, getting non mammy roles(maybe cuz her background is Caribbean which means there is hope for me), and being a name people know. Can’t wait for her to work with Ryan Gosling someday.


Forgot to mention – so far she has not been an embarrassment to black women like Rihannas, Beyonces, etc – no scandals, no rump shaking, no wild partying etc. She keeps her personal life to herself.

A good role model for young girls in this day and age.


Don’t normally comment, so busy trying to work, but have to drop in for this – I agree with everyone here (except for Quentin of course). I am so so so impressed by this woman – and her agent!

I mean think about this for a minute – knowing how much harder it is for black women –

– Female lead in the two BIGGEST franchises of all time – Star Trek and Avatar.

– Headlined action film that busted out at #2 (you can say – ‘oh she wasn’t number #1 – but it was her FIRST TIME headlining a film and she came out higher than johnny depp’s last (rum whatever) and gosling’s last (drive).

– lead female in romantic comedy (Remember Guess Who? opened at number#1 that weekend)

– first black woman with Calvin Klein campaign

– producing and starring in her own film, ‘Dominion’ – she doesn’t wait on Hollywood to ‘give’ her a job

– a variety of roles – from dramatic to action – this is VERY smart. She is laying the groundwork for the future – franchises don’t last forever.

On top of all that, she does it all without falling into the maid/mammy/ abused woman sterotypes that are usually reserved for black women.

It seems like every time I look up, this sista has got another role – she STAYS working – last time I looked she’s got like six movies lined up, booked into like 2013! Do you know how hard that is, for a black actress?? Who is her agent?

Star trek 2, Avatar 2, Infinitely Polar Bear (serious drama with mark ruffalo), The Words, Dominion, The Originals with Bryce Dallas Howard, and God knows what else. Next week she will have two more in development. Obviously, just because something is in development doesn’t mean it’s coming out, but the point is not to sit on your butt and wait for roles – she must be doing something right.

I will never understand why some black folks – especially some black women – don’t support Zoe 100%. She is killing! Frankly she is a wonderful role model for any actress, black or white.

She gets no consideration from fashion magazines – nothing but snubs and silence from the American Vogues, Harper’s, etc- seems like they just hate her. They’d rather put women like Blake Lively and washed up Winona Ryder on their covers. And yet she is UNSTOPPABLE.

Women like Zoe and Nicole Beharie are the role models black actresses need to follow.


I’m a huge supporter of Zoe and I haven’t seen any of Brad’s movies–yes I’ve never attempted to watch Hangover–shut me. Looking forward to seeing this movie. As a writer, plagiarism is a real issue that hopefully I’ll never have to deal with.

@Dr. Boogie
Co-sign on her manager/agent rocks. They keep her working and in the spotlight positively I might add.

@SS Com
Zoe was highlighted in a plethora of indie films that showcased her versatility before becoming A list wonder. Now the question is, will she return to those roots to be able to clinch some critical gold–time will tell.

Dr. Boogie

You betta work Zoe!!!! Who is this woman’s manager?!?!! #HUSTLEMAGIC!

Can’t wait to support it…..


I’m a big fan of Bradley and have been since before the “Hangover flicks”. “Limitless” was a lot of fun; loved him in that. This flick seems chock full of ‘zee angst’.

SS Com

I think that the role reminds me (slightly) of the character Bradley Cooper played in Limitless, which I believe he pulled off pretty well. I am sure there will be hints of his normal and slightly comedic behavior but the film looks good. The Blacklist plug could either go well (Margin Call; Crazy, Stupid, Love) or baddddd (Prom; Abduction). I’ll go out and support though, and glad to see Zoe in a non-action flick. I mean she does play ‘hot assassin’ well, but I would like to see her get more varied roles.


I will never waste my time with this. Every love interest of Zoe’s happens to be Caucasian ever since she “blew up”. I will not play this game.

LeonRaymond Mitchell

Yeah I agree with you, I keep wanting to dig him but he seems like a gimmick type actor not as bad as Ashton Kutcher but in that same premise, I was not a fan at all of the HANGOVER films and so I have not seen anything with him that I like, and in interviews he seems strange -not strong or like he is not true to the game!

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