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First Trailer For “Safe House” Starring Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds Surfaces & It’s Bristling!

First Trailer For "Safe House" Starring Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds Surfaces & It's Bristling!

Aaaaand… here ya go! Still image from film…first official poster… now first official trailer a day later.

Quickie recap… Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in the thriller Safe House , in which Ryan plays a CIA agent who must protect a rogue ex-agent (Washington) from assassins.

The film, directed by Daniel Espinosa, is expected to be in theaters in February 2012.

I gotta say folks, I’m not familiar with the young director Espinosa’s past work, but this looks like it should be good! At the very least, good fun and entertaining. Looking forward to seeing Denzel in renegade mode!

Watch the madness unfold below (by the way, anyone know what the music track that’s playing in the background is titled, and by whom?):

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I will enjoy this movie because I am a big Ryan Reynolds fan and I like Denzel, Ryan will bring his own style to the table and you guys should just get over the fact that Hollywierd knows Denzel will bring an audience but it needs to have "THE WHITE GUY and GIRL" period. When Tyler Perry does "Alex Cross " we will see what he will do with action and a black cast.


{{{ “If there was a young black actor in such a role and Denzel’s rogue CIA character was played by a white guy here is one thing you WOULD NOT see: you would not see a hot, young female half-naked on a bed with a smile on her face indicating she just had the best sex of her life with the junior agent (again, in this imaginary case—-a black guy).”

Not another complaint about why black men can’t bone white women onscreen…really? }}}

You know actually if you had half a brain you wouldn’t have come up with that viewpoint. Unless I’m somehow mistaken my post focused on that while trailers rarely ever show a glimpse of a black male in a steamy moment with a female co-star, even if such a moment occurs in a film, one has a hard time finding a trailer that DOES NOT include such moments when the lead of a film is a white male. It falls into my consistent charge that Hollywood runs away from any indication of sexuality of black men; that black men are neutered in movies or at the very least studios won’t go out of its way indicating that a black man has a penis when they cut together trailers. However even in movies such as Stallone’s Expendables in which female participation was essentially non-existent, the trailers still make sure to include quick shots of the ever-potent white hero even if the time dedicated to romance/sex in the films don’t justify their place in the trailer. Maybe I’m more observant, maybe I’m more paranoid. But even if is the latter that still doesn’t mean what I commented on is not the truth. We have folks here who understandably make it a point to address when white women and white actresses are put on a certain pedestal that black women are not, so why shouldn’t I bring up similar discrepancies in regards to how white males are treated in films compared to black men? I find it strange that, from my viewpoint at least, that black guys seem the least likely to notice how much black men are castrated in film. Black guys seem to talk about almost every complaint other than that.

As for the “where the white ladies at” charge of your statement (which is really the only reason why you got the urge to post your response in the first place), your lack of reading skills seems to have failed you again. This post wasn’t about black men having sex with white women; this was about black men having sex. Or at least being presented as physically capable or emotionally willing to do so. You can try to sidetrack the argument all you want with your silly take on it, but my remarks stated clearly that it doesn’t matter what race of the woman a black male star is involved with in a film because the studios are not likely to play that up in a trailer. And last time I checked there are scarce examples of black men with white love interests in films. So if you could do the math (and I have my doubts) and didn’t come at me with your own agenda, you should have understood that I’m basically referring to the black actresses (or Eve Mendes) that black guys are typically paired with in films. There is typically no play up of the love life of a black male lead in promos for a film (if the dude has a love life at all).

99% of my posts on this site have nothing to do with the idea of black actors being paired with white actresses. In fact only a few have gone that route and that is only when I bring up how one-sides Hollywood is when doing IR. The casting news that appears on a weekly basis on this site essentially back me up. But I must have hit a nerve with some of you who don’t like the subject to be touched upon at all and respond to me as if I was actually Quincy Jones or something. Fine. Keep playing that game of misinformation and denial. Doesn’t change anything.


Looks good . . . not a huge Reynolds fan . . . but I enjoyed his performance in Buried.


Oh and why is Morgan Freeman in the top picture. It looks like driving Mr. Daisy (If Mr. Daisy had a bad Motherf-ing day.)


This movie looks HOT!!!

@ CareyCarey: The Book of Eli didn’t blow the domestic box office away but when you include the international box office it made just under twice it’s budget. I know it would have been great if it made that just in the states though.

I think Denzel averages about 70 mil per movie in the states. He can be a surprisingly big overseas draw though and he needs to be.

I don’t know if the public will be rushing out to see it but I’ll be there the first night. Hope to see all of you guys there.

@ Orville: It would be nice to have a young black actor in Ryan Reynolds part but since no young actors have really been groomed to be the next big thing they probably wanted someone with more name recognition. Even if they put a young black actor in a strong supporting role would be nice.

Maybe when Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise does a movie they can have a young black as the partner/sidekick to balance things out.

It’s funny that you mention Ryan Reynolds in Blade. The studio’s plan to put him in there did nothing for that movie’s box office. It didn’t really do any better than the others. Maybe they should have picked another PWB or just let Wesley Snipes do his thing.

Niggas vs Black People

“If there was a young black actor in such a role and Denzel’s rogue CIA character was played by a white guy here is one thing you WOULD NOT see: you would not see a hot, young female half-naked on a bed with a smile on her face indicating she just had the best sex of her life with the junior agent (again, in this imaginary case—-a black guy).”

Not another complaint about why black men can’t bone white women onscreen…really?


{{{ I like Denzel but I wish a younger black male actor had a big part like Ryan Reynolds in the movie. }}}

If there was a young black actor in such a role and Denzel’s rogue CIA character was played by a white guy here is one thing you WOULD NOT see: you would not see a hot, young female half-naked on a bed with a smile on her face indicating she just had the best sex of her life with the junior agent (again, in this imaginary case—a black guy). It wouldn’t matter what race she was and it wouldn’t matter if the movie contained such a scene—–Hollywood would not promote that in the trailer as long as the “stud” in question was black. It is the exact opposite when it’s white guys though. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant the love life/sex scenes of the white lead is to the movie and overall storyline, Hollywood always finds room in its trailers to promote that there is gonna be some hot sex or at least some steamy kissing by the white hero. It almost never fails. The lone exception appears to be the native American actor in the Twilighht series . In the trailer of his recent collaboration with John Singleton he definitely got the White Male Hero treatment with clips of steamy shots with the leading lady that probably amounted to 30 seconds tops in the actual movie.

Oh, and this trailer looked alright. Much better than the trailers of Denzel’s two recent train films at least.


I have great respect for Denzel…NOBODY does it better. However, he can’t turn straw into gold.

I am suggesting that there are other major factors to the success or failures of movies in which he’s the star power. The writing, directing and supporting actors are the first place to start. Now I have to mention The Book Of Eli. Well, the respected actor Gary Oldman was in it, and so was Jennifer Beals (she still looks good) but the movies budget was 80 million and it grossed a dismal 93 million. I doubt if that paltry “profit?” had it’s producers buying new retirement homes and cabins in the sky.

So what went wrong? Weeeell, I hate to say this…but…the directors, The Hughes Brothers blew it. And to some degree, maybe the movie’s religious theme had something to do with the slow moving turnstiles. Then again, could it have been the lack of drawing power of the supporting cast? Who knows, although Ryan Reynolds doesn’t make me reach for my wallet ( I really know nothing about the guy. Off the top of my head, I couldn’t tell you one movie he was in) but I’m sure many “other” people jump for joy upon hearing his name.

So now we have director Daniel Espinosa and writer David Guggenheim? That reminds me, how did these guys with those funny last names get this plum job? Who are those guys, what have they done and who do they know?

Oh well, the beat goes on and Denzel will kill this part. But who else is coming to dinner? Will the public turn out to see the “alleged” alcoholic rogue black man…who’s hiding in a safe house…kill a bunch of white people?


I would’ve much rather seen Chris Pine in this. I think he’s got the goods. Real talk I would’ve liked a young black/Asian/Latino actor but you can’t have everything.

But I’m okay with Reynolds. He’s not Matt Damon, but he certainly isn’t a Sam Worthington. In the middle, let Denzel shine-good for me! LOL


I like Denzel but I wish a younger black male actor had a big part like Ryan Reynolds in the movie. It seems to me Reynolds was cast in the film because it has to do with marketing. The idea is Ryan Reynolds is supposed to attract a young white male audience to see the movie. The studios did the exact same thing with Wesley Snipes and Reynolds for Blade.


Trailer looks good. Gave too much away, but I still want to see it.

Ryan is good in small doses and when paired with a powerhouse actor. He’ll be fine in this, just not on his own. He excels when the role calls for comedic relief and cool catchphrases here and there, but he can’t carry a picture on his own. He doesn’t have IT. Denzel just walks in a room and you can’t take your eyes off him.


Great trailer!

But uh…Reynolds?

I will ONLY watch this because I am a Denzel Washington fan!


I love a nutty Denzel..


Looks like Denzel is recycling a bit of Alonzo from Training Day. I will definitely see this: it’s the only Denzel film I’ve been excited about since Training Day. Although…why Ryan Reynolds? I mean, of all the so-called pretty white boys in Hollywood….? He’s about as interesting as watching paint dry. Sigh.

Btw: that Jay Z and Kanye song is the only one I like from the album (and it has an interesting video as well).


Denzel Washington is a national treasure, a man able to completely immerse himself in complex figure such as Malcolm X, to be completely at ease in actions movies and to shine and win Tony Award on Broadway.

I'm In


I agree that Denzel is one of the last Mohicans. However, this should serve as notice to all these actors/actresses crying about why they aren’t A-List. Be excellent.

“Excellence is the best deterrent to racism, sexism, & all the ‘ism’s. Be excellent in all endeavors. People notice and remember.” – Oprah


Trailer is definitely a beast. Denzel might just be in fightin’ form…

“Krrkkk, snap a neck for some live efx”


@ Neziah

You’re absolutely right. He doesn’t even do big franchises and blockbusters, most of which would make crazy money regardless of who’s in them. When people see trailers for those movies they get excited about the revamped costumes, the transforming cars, the mythical hammers–basically anything and everything but the actors.

With a Denzel movie, people get excited about Denzel. Imo, he’s the best Hollywood has to offer in terms of acting talent and star power. Tom Cruise is up there as well. George Clooney and Brad Pitt are supposed to be up there, but they don’t get audiences acting like a bunch of tween fangirls just from a two minute trailer.


@ Logic

It also helps that he’s such a great actor that he’s able to lift up sub-par material and turn schlock into quality. Do you think films like “Man on Fire” and “Training Day” would be highly regarded if it wasn’t for his performances and presence in those films? I think not.


Saw this trailer at a screening of “the Tower Heist” yesterday. Everyone(in the very diverse audience, mind you) was Ooohing and aaahing over Denzel, calling out his name, etc. At one point a woman behind me said something to the effect of “anything with Denzel”.

He’s one of the only actors that can get people rushing to the theater. A real movie star, the last of a dying breed. This movie’s gonna make a killing…and so will “Tower Heist”, for that matter. The audience ate it up.


no church in the wild jay z and kanye west ft. frank ocean

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