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Garrett Hedlund Now In Talks For Kaneda In Warner Bros. ‘Akira’ Remake

Garrett Hedlund Now In Talks For Kaneda In Warner Bros. 'Akira' Remake

It looks like “Unknown” and “Orphan” director Jaume Collet-Serra got his way. After it was revealed last month that Garrett Hedlund was the frontrunner for the developing “Akira” remake, Twitch report today he was the director’s first choice with Variety adding that formal talks are now underway.

It’s certainly a vote of confidence for the actor, who led “Tron: Legacy” to a box office haul that was below expectations. But this will give him another stab at the tentpole arena, though fanboy expectations are arguably much higher for this than with ‘Tron.’ The filmmakers are using Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga as the basis for the adaptation, which has a script by Steve Kloves—who has penned almost every “Harry Potter” film as well as the forthcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man”— that relocates the action to New Manhattan in a PG-13 film. It’s that last bit that is causing nerds to have heart palpitations. Gary Oldman and Helena Bonham Carter have also been offered the roles as The Colonel and Lady Miyako respectively, but no word yet if there has been any more movement.

Who will take on the role of Tetsuo is still in question, but names are sure to crop up soon. The project is now moving fast to start lensing in early 2012, so like or it not, this one is definitely on the way.

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Well according to HR Keira Knightley has also been approached for a role with HBC and GO but all three haven’t yet accepted.



Garrett Hedlund is broke as hell by movie star standards. Nor does he even know you exist.

Let it go.


Garrett hedlund is a STAR. You’re NOBODIES. Guess who are the losers? LOL

Ben Collins

Boo Boo Boo. Not only will I not see this movie I will actively encourage those around me to not see it as well.


No. But we all know this film won’t end well.


This guy is a talent and charisma vacuum. I’m sure he was the “director”s first choice” after everyone they actually wanted passed on getting involved with this mess of a movie.



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