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George Miller Says ‘Fury Road’ Just The Start Of A Potential New Mad Max Trilogy

George Miller Says 'Fury Road' Just The Start Of A Potential New Mad Max Trilogy

The fourth entry in the Mad Max series, the tentatively titled “Fury Road,” has been stopped and started so many times that in today’s climate of studios wary of hanging onto anything that will cost them more money than it should, it’s a minor miracle the movie’s getting made at all. And it’s been nearly a decade since development on the project started, once mooted as a vehicle for Mel Gibson but with Tom Hardy now retrofitted into the retooled script that is essentially keeping the same story, Miller has seemingly used that time to expand his vision considerably.

In a recent interview with the Financial Review (via FirstShowing), Miller revealed his big plans. “We started with [‘Fury Road’], but we then started to do a second story and a third,” he says. “We’ve written the script for the second and almost finished the third. We never intended to, they were part of the exploration of the characters.”

This certainly isn’t the first time word has been knocking around that Miller had more than one movie up his sleeve. Back in 2010, it was rumored that Miller would be shooting two movies back-to-back: “Fury Road” and another picture tentatively titled “Furiosa.” That was about the first and last we heard of it. But it appears he’s been hard at work and it gives some added to weight to something he told us earlier this month. “Obviously I’ve worked on [the script] since [2003], and we’ve got the whole movie designed – we’ve got 150 big vehicles built – and the world has evolved. I hope I’ve evolved, and I hope the movie’s evolved,” he said. It seems it has grown in a franchise baiting trilogy.

But with Warner Bros. apparently unhappy with the overbudget “Happy Feet Two” that has performed below expectations, any talk of sequels will likely all depend on how the production and release go for the long delayed “Fury Road.” With the shoot now moving from Australia to Namibia, where the desolate landscape will be recreated, filming is gearing up to take place in 2012 with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron still on board in the lead roles, a number of supporting roles still to be filled out (Nicolas Hoult, Zoe Kravitz, Adelaide Clemens and Teresa Palmer were all slotted at various points, but whether or not they are returning is not yet certain). And we’re guessing WB will get one film in the can before deciding on making any more, so these potential sequels are likely a way off yet.

But in case you think Miller is done with family fare, guess again. He’s also working on a new animated bear movie titled “Fur Brigade,” which he says is “the most ambitious thing we’ve done.” Toss in developing “Mad Max” and “Fury Road” videogames as well, and the director certainly has his hands very, very full for the next little while.

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Happy Feet SUCKED!!! That is why Happy Feet 2 was a failure. Sure everybody saw the first one because it new and different… then they knew it sucked because they saw it and their children made them keep watching it over and over and over and over……


A "Mad Max" film would be wonderful. My thoughts are that this one should absolutely have Mel and Danny in it in one way or another, just so it can have an easy pass on down the line feel. Maybe have the sons of the characters that Mel and Danny played … carry it on. This way we could see the elderly Mel and Danny (retired) and shaking their heads mumbling "now we would have done it this way. ….". Good possibilities! All sorts of this wonderful action based humorous cop movie scenarios are there…right in front of my head." I'm just sayin'….


Glad to hear that Miller's working on a new animated film as well as the new "Mad Max" film(s?). He's one of the greatest living filmmakers, he's unfortunately only made a handful of films, and he's getting up there age-wise. While he does better work with sequels than any filmmaker ever, I'm excited to hear that he's developing some original material as well. Here's hoping he's got lots more films left in him.

Kurt Hendricks

A new Max. A new beginning. Times change. We need to change as well. I hope Tom Hardy will surpass Mel Gibson's version.

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