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Get To Know Kyra & Kozi Kyles, The Collaborative Force Behind The Comedy Web Series “Human Resources”

Get To Know Kyra & Kozi Kyles, The Collaborative Force Behind The Comedy Web Series "Human Resources"

Chicago-based siblings Kyra and Kozi Kyles, co-creators of the popular sci-fi puppet web series Human Resources, are just getting started on what could end up being a very promising career in entertainment.

Human Resources is a “workplace comedy web series” with a sci-fi spin, that uses puppets and voice-actors for its cast.

Kyra Kyles told me earlier today that she and her sister “funded this project ourselves and have found it resonating with online writers as well as traditional media outlets because of the Occupy-esque themes of corporate greed and widespread layoffs, only with levity.”

The Kyles were recent guests on the highly-rated WCIU morning show, You & Me This Morning, where they discussed the origins of this project:

Check out the first episode of Human Resources:

For more info on The Kyles, check out their website HERE.

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Kozi Kyles

Thank you for the wonderful post and support of our web series.  Shadow and Act is an amazing site and such an important forum for the film community.  We really appreciate the inclusion and feedback from everyone who checked out our series.

Kyra Kyles

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be showcased in Shadow and Act. Kozi and I are fans of this site and what it does for emerging and established film and TV professionals. We are honored and thank everyone who commented and left feedback for us. We hope you'll watch every Wednesday as the plot thickens.

latanya johnson

You ladies are gonna go far. when you all were on You&Me This Morning, I said wow anything can be possible. I have done some acting in the neighborhood! Acting is my dream, I'm hoping someday i can get into the spot light. You guys on your way to the big spotlight. I am You &Me This Morning #1Fan ask them they know me very well! just want to give you guys my honest opinion..Thank You So Much For Giving Me Inspiration You Know I Can Be Anything I want To Be Just Put My Mind To It!!!!


Hilarious! I'm sold!


I applaud them for trying something different, I really do, but the show doesn't really work for me so far. It was like a super-bizarre show that would be on Adult Swim for 8 minutes but not really funny or sensical. I actually like the strange, almost dream-like style of the show, but it's just not coming together. I watched two episodes and it really needs some sort of framing device to explain/connect the different segments (like a kids show), or it needs to actually come out and explain the characters and world of the show. Who are the characters, what is this company, and what is the sci-fi element?

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