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Golden Globes Want Gervais To Return as Host

Golden Globes Want Gervais To Return as Host

Gluttons for punishment are the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who don't seem to mind the heaps of scathing contempt lathered on them by Brit comedian Ricky Gervais at last year's Golden Globe telecast. He acted like someone who was hoping to get out of having to host again. While there's no official announcement yet, Variety reports that the HFPA voted for him to come back for a third go-round. If he makes the deal, they deserve whatever vitriol he shoots at them this January.

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It's official: HFPA is a bunch of masochistic fools. At least it will be good television?


I’d like to see him even more outrageously insulting tirades from Ricky Gervais about everyone in Hollywood.
It will be his 3rd time hosting the event and I would like to see him co-hosting this time with another comedian to bounce off each other and make it more interesting.
It could also be him passing the baton to a younger comedian and set up a new comedian host who can return and who is a Ricky Gervais level player.

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