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Hail the Conquering Hero

Hail the Conquering Hero

As questions of morality, ethics and honor in our society become ever more ambiguous, it might be salutary to see an American comedy of the highest order dealing with these troubling issues, made while World War II was daily in a different way bringing them vividly to the fore. During 1944, the inimitable Preston Sturges wrote and directed one of his most enduring works with these themes: HAIL THE CONQUERING HERO (available on DVD). It was the seventh picture in that most extraordinary run of eight consecutive movies over four years, all brilliantly conceived, written and directed by Sturges (here’s the Link to a piece I did on this very special picturemaker years ago).

Six Marines, survivors of the fierce battle for Guadalcanal, try to cheer up a very sad, hayfevered Marine reject (Eddie Bracken) by passing him off to his hometown as a genuine hero of Guadalcanal; they are so convincing that he wins his girl back, and the typically American small town wants Woodrow (that’s his name) for their mayor!  Of course, the real point of the tale lies in how Woodrow finally deals with the truth.

The performances are all top-notch, with a flawless comic rhythm that is uniquely Sturges, which is why he kept using the same stock company of actors——they knew his beat—like a conductor with his own orchestra.  This was especially important with Sturges, who created his scripts by improvising them out loud for his secretary to write down.  That would have been something to see!  His widow, Sandy, who served as his girl Friday for a while, told me he was one really hilarious performer.

Eddie Bracken, whom Sturges had already used earlier in the same year—-for the uproarious Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (see the review from my book, Movie of the Week)–gives a superbly real comic performance in which his pain and humiliation is both funny and palpably touching.  He receives wonderful support from Sturges’ ever-present character-men par excellence, William Demarest, Raymond Walburn and Franklin Pangborn.  As Woodrow’s girlfriend, the lovely Ella Raines, a Howard Hawks discovery of the year before (for Corvette K-225, which Hawks only produced), is notably un-cutesy and straight.  Former boxing champion Freddie Steele is especially memorable as a bass-voiced Marine, whose favorite human is his mother and who holds the very image of Mother as sacred. 

Although this is done partially for the comedy of a macho mama’s boy, the question still occurs: Where is the America of that sentiment?  Indeed, what has happened to the cloistered small town of the country’s heartland?  The innocent America, which Sturges’ half-European upbringing made him see from unconventional angles, is never sent up.  On the contrary, one of the most lasting impressions of Hail the Conquering Hero is how much it makes you miss that America, which now only exists in older movies of this quality.

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Mr. Wu

Every time I listen to early John Cougar Mellencamp I wonder the same thing about our vanished heartland. I suppose our innocence ended sometime between Dallas in '63 and our adventure in Vietnam. Innocence is a beautiful thing that never seems to last; such is its nature, I suppose.

Jesse L

This film is one of my favorites of writer/director Ed Biden (Sturges). A couple of things: he always came up with great character names like Woodrow Truesmith and his Marine father whom his buddies called "Hinky Dinky" Truesmith. I also love Raymond Walburn's vocal tic as Mayor. On almost every line of his he starts off with "I mean to say…" What a great thing for a politician to say. What do you mean to say, Mr. Mayor? Sturges was a genius. And you are correct, Peter, in pointing out the touching parts of the film as well as the comedy. Bracken and all the rest give great performances. I could go on and on. Thanks for bringing this one up, Peter.


Such a wonderful series of films. And a special joy to see with an audience, should you get the chance.
Mention should be made of the great contibution from cinematographer John Seitz, who also shot MIRACLE OF MORGAN'S CREEK on some of the same small town sets. There are amazingly fluid long takes in both films, and CREEK may the the only Hollywood comerical film ever shot without using a single over-the-shoulder/reverse shot. Yet, it looks completely natural.
(Steven Soderbergh says he's going to quit directing because he can't bear to set up another one of those dialogue reverse talking-head shots. Maybe he should have a look at what Sturges & Seitz pulled off. LOL)

Jesse L

Mak, glad you brought up the two amazing tracking shots in Morgan's Creek. They are simply astounding. I would have loved to have been there to see them set up and shot.

Dylan Bradford

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