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How To Destroy Angels Cover Bryan Ferry For ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Soundtrack; Nearly 3 Hours Of Music Will Span Six LPs

How To Destroy Angels Cover Bryan Ferry For 'Dragon Tattoo' Soundtrack; Nearly 3 Hours Of Music Will Span Six LPs

Are you one of those folks who still buys music on vinyl? Well, better make some shelf space because “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” soundtrack is coming and it’s fucking massive.

Twitter-happy Trent Reznor teased fans a bit more today, tweeting “Working with @rob_sheridan and Neil Kellerhouse on a cool package to house the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack’s SIX vinyls.” Whoa wait, 6 LPs? There’s a very good reason for that. Earlier this month, Reznor revealed that he’s created a ton of music for the movie, tweeting “It’s clocking in at two hours and forty-some odd minutes! We’ve lost our minds. Clear some disk space!” If that jibes with what we’ve heard about the running time for the movie, it pretty much means the score will be constant throughout and ever changing or Reznor has created a boatload of work that won’t be used.

But one request he did received from David Fincher was to cover a song that we never imagined would come near “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” “Yes, David Fincher asked us to do a cover of Bryan Ferry‘s ‘Is Your Love Strong Enough?’ for Dragon Tattoo. It will be on the soundtrack,” the Twitter account of Reznor’s band How To Destroy Angels revealed this afternoon.

The song was first commissioned by Ridley Scott from Ferry way back in 1985 for the Tom Cruise film “Legend” and it featured Pink Floyd‘s David Gilmour. So we’re massively curious to see how it will fit in here, how Fincher will position the tune and of course, how Reznor and co. will re-fashion it. More news regarding the soundtrack and its release on Reznor’s Null Corporation expected this Friday. We’re guessing a bunch of versions/packages of the album will be available. As for the film, it lands on December 21st. [via Pitchfork]

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who gives a shit who she's banged? her band sucks and everyone knows it but her. trent has to make the wife happy, don't dog him for it!


You mean you never saw all the photos of Mariqueen online with various men? She had a pic of some random guy sucking her tit, sex pics of her ex boyfriends, and tweeted about orgasms and cleaning rich men's homes naked. She has since then taken all the evidence down- per Trent.

The dude

This so called band cracks me up. What a joke. They have PR ppl paTRolling websites bc of the vitriol towards the happy couple. Just keep yoko out of the studio. What's the point in tainting the music by adding a non musician?

Nik Grape

If the whole film will have a constant score/soundtrack … that's kinda shitty.


@DREW, @HTDA SUCKS, @ENCHANTMENT — NIN fanboys… get over it. You all sound EXACTLY like the gossip commenters at Perez Hilton. The only difference is the celebrities.


Anyone still listening to The Social Network soundtrack a year later?



where did you hear/experience this?


I also heard she was extremely jealous of Karen O collaborating with her husband, Trent. Too bad, so sad. Karen can sing. Mariqueen whispers. She can't sing at all.

HTDA sucks

This band is a vanity project for the wife. We'll see how long it lasts. They had to do a song with her, because she was jealous of Karen O's great vocals in the Immigrant song. Typical Yoko behavior.


I can't stand his pretentious crap. 5 notes is not brilliance. His wife is LA's meanest s l u t .



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