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Imitation is The Sincerest Form of Flattery – Then Again Maybe NOT

Imitation is The Sincerest Form of Flattery - Then Again Maybe NOT

So this really has nothing to do with black film or telelvision or theater but everything to do with black images and how they're portrayed in the media which is what in essence we're all about. Just watch the video. It explains itself and we're looking forward for your comments of which I'm guessing will be many.

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No, you see, this is Sergio making a meta commentary on imitation and– sorry, Sergio, I'm trying, but I remember seeing this already.

LeonRaymond Mitchell

Everybody wants to Be Black but nobody wants to be Black, it's cute I am all right with it as long as I know the real deal about how we are really truly seen over there. The part that upsets me that does not have anything to do with them as a culture is that if it's like that -How come we keep hearing that horrible line that our Black films have no INTERNATIONAL BOX OFFICE , somebody is perpetuating this ugly line and it has become a truth -based on this and other videos in other countries we should be having massive box office hits abroad!-I 'd rather see them happily do this then to hear the lie about how we are not loved abroad!!!!


Tambay posted this months ago….someone's late


Yeah i thought I'd seen this before-just a few months ago. Besides isn't it part of Japanese pop culture to copy everything the West does. I'm more concerned about younger BLACK people who think this is Black culture.


Didn't you post this a while back?

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