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Introducing “Lost Boy” Brad Horvath

Introducing "Lost Boy" Brad Horvath

Hello readers of The Lost Boy(s) and friends that I have directed here! This is the first time I have contributed to a blog and though I am not really sure what my contribution will become or how long it will last, I am looking forward to it.

Since I spend a lot of time watching short and feature films for both personal and professional reasons and not a lot of time writing about them, I expect that will be the focus of my posts (this is primarily a film website, after all!). But I also expect to use this blog as a platform to create a dialogue and share information about other things, like the city of Toronto, my concerns about human population growth and Dolly Parton (if my Facebook page is any indication).
I hope you (who is reading this anyway?) will find at least some of it enjoyable or informative.
Until next time!
Brad Horvath manages international film acquisitions for Toronto-based Ouat Media. Before joining the team, he directed and produced short and contemporary dance films, music videos and documentaries that have been licensed to television broadcasters and invited to screen at film festivals around the world. He also produced a television series and associate produced two feature films. He has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree from Dalhousie University, with concentrated studies in Film.

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Kel Mac


Is there a population growth problem? Or are the problems more akin to the following: A lack of uneven growth (too few people in many developed countries like Italy and Japan for examples) and too many births in some developing countries? Is there also a lack of good management of resources? Even with a lot fewer people over a century ago, we managed to take the American buffalo, for example, to near extinction, yet, today the buffalo roams in decent numbers. The Thames River in London was definitely much more polluted a century ago even with smaller population in London. Finally, might some great engineering and innovation solve these issues? Thank you for your activism and caring!


Are bloggers here all get theaterical backgrounds? i want to digest more yummy blogs on THE LOST BOY(s) instead of only eating eye candies 8)


f***ing hot.

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