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Jesse and Angie R.I.P.

Jesse and Angie R.I.P.

Well nothing lasts forever, and that means even for what is perhaps televison’s longest running black romance. (though, as a friend of mine who watches it told me, it was one that was prone to random ridiculousness).

I’m talking about those lovebirds, Jesse Hubbard and Angie Baxter, played by Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan on All My Children. They’ve been an item since, believe it not, 1982. That’s longer than most marriages nowadays for sure. Alas their love is finally coming to an end.

Back in July ABC made a deal with an independent production company, Prospect Park, to keep the show ruinning online on the company’s planned Online TV Network when ABC ends its run of the show in January.

However Prospect Park announced today that it has cancelled those plans since it wasn’t able to secure financing and make deals with all the talents unions involved to keep the show running in time before the network ends its broadcast run of the show on January 13, 2012

So mark your calenders to say goodbye and thanks for the memories.

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This couple will be missed. This show, too. One Life to Live, as well. General Hospital, may it burn in Hell and take "Sonny Corinthos" and his faux-mobster-persona with it. These good soap operas died (thanks Fronz) so that a re-boot of "Dallas" might live; so that reality tv might live; so that random scripted how-to shows might live. I had certain strikes and boycotts with One Life to Live for awhile there (re: the decline of the Gannon family, Evangeline who came in regal and beautiful, intelligent, smart and sexy, the Vega family before the Godfather ridiculoso syndrome set in, etc. etc. etc.) but it was still one of the best acted/written soaps on tv; as was All My Childrens and General Hospital up through the 1990s (Cassadine, Quartermaine, Ward, Scorpio, Nurses' Ball), before it took a turn for the deepest end of Port Charles. I should stop now before I really get started. *raises cup, pours out likka for the afternoon, soap-days of old*

And don't even get me started on how primetime soaps have yet to even TOUCH the awesomeness that was Dynasty, The Colbys, Knots Landing, etc. Only a few have come close, but I ramble and digress.

Eric Kane

All My Children was and still is the best soap created ever!! Angie/Jesse Forever!!!


All My Children was really screwed by this deal. It ended on a cliffhanger in anticipation of the move to Prospect Park. I'm really pissed off. One Life to Live has already concluded taping their last episode, but I really hope they didn't make the same mistake AMC made.


All My Children was still very popular and a hit. Whoever made the decision to end it should be fired and then jailed!!


I loved Angie and Jesse. Angie's performance at the end of the show's run was Emmy worthy. I'm really hoping she gets it.

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