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Jesse Eisenberg Would Prefer To Not Be The Face Of The Low Rent Horror Movie ‘Camp Hell’

Jesse Eisenberg Would Prefer To Not Be The Face Of The Low Rent Horror Movie 'Camp Hell'

For every rising actor or big name star, there is always a film in their past they would like to forget about. Something they did because it was work, they needed to pay rent and they at least wanted to keep working. It’s called paying your dues, and while Jesse Eisenberg isn’t trying to hide that he’s had his own share of pre-fame oddities, he’d rather not be the face of the low rent horror movie “Camp Hell,” and he’s sending his lawyers after the filmmakers.

E! reports that the actor has filed a $3 million lawsuit against Lionsgate who put his face on the DVD of “Camp Hell” (see below) and shipped it to stores (buy it Amazon now while you can, only 20 copies are left). The problem? It’s only a cameo appearance and he’s in the movie for all of five minutes (at most). The suit states that Eisenberg was only paid $3000 for his apperance (not bad for five minutes work) and moreover, he wants “to warn his fans and the public that, contrary to [the film’s advertising], Eisenberg is not the star of and does not appear in a prominent role in ‘Camp Hell.'”

This is pretty fair play, and shame on Lionsgate who have wasted no opportunity to milk Eisenberg’s appearance to market the flick. Not only does the DVD have his face plastered on it, but the trailer for the movie puts him front and center, even though his part is a mere fraction of the movie. Though we suppose Dana Delaney and Andrew McCarthy aren’t exactly the draws they once were.

No comment yet from Lionsgate, but they would probably be advised to play nice and switch out the artwork for any future print runs. Though that $3 million price tag for damages might stick in their craw a little bit. Anyway, if you want to see what a shitty looking horror movie featuring a cameo from Mark Zuckerberg looks like, watch below.

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THIS MOVIE WAS HORRIBLE! Jesse, you're doing the right thing by suing those jerks!!!!


I saw this at redbox a few months ago and I cant lie, seeing Jesse Eisenburg lured me into being interested in it, so I rented it, took it home ,and popped it in. I honestly cant believe I finished the movie, it was TERRIBLE. Everything in this article is accurate about his appearance in the movie. After doing some research wondering why the hell they portrayed him as the lead I found the original cover to CAMP HELL and Jesse's face is no where to be seen, but the REAL lead is. It all started to make sense, after the Social Network blew the charts away Lionsgate saw doller signs and the rest is history.


HAHAHAHAHA that artwork is awesome

Christopher Jason Bell

That's one of the funniest DVD covers I've ever seen considering the back story. Biggest dick move of 2011.

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