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Kristen Stewart Stands In The Light In New ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Banner

Kristen Stewart Stands In The Light In New 'Snow White And The Huntsman' Banner

Who’s going to be the fairest of them all in 2012? We’ll soon see, but the battle of Snow White movies is gearing up. In one corner, you have Tarsem’s upcoming “Mirror Mirror” a comedy/adventure take on the fairy tale with Lily Collins, Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer. In the other, you have Rupert Sanders‘ much more dramatic and straight-faced “Snow White And The Huntsman.” So who are you rooting for?

Well, ‘Huntsman’ is hoping to sway your vote with a brand new banner that gives a nice sense of the tone for which the picture will strive. In the Black-List-approved script, the story offers up a new twist on the familiar tale with our hero Snow White (Kristen Stewart) set to be killed by the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) on the command of her mother, the evil Queen (Charlize Theron). Instead, he winds up protecting and teaming with Snow White so they can take out her Mom together. Damn. The seven dwarves are rounded by a raft of Brit talent including Nick Frost, Bob Hoskins, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Graham and more, so that certainly offers up some tremendous promise.

Check out the full imagery below. “Snow White And The Huntsman” gets Grimm on June 1, 2012. 

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a little heads up: twihards have a lot of time on their hands and there's a deep divide of Kristen Stewart, and more importantly if she's dating her pretty haired, sparkley costar. So what happens, in this epic tiwhard nerdom battle of whether Rob should date Kristen or not? The twihards "take it to the streets"-and flood any site story about the girl with either "she's perfect/perfect/perfect!: comments or else "she's evil, she's ugly, she's souless" comments. There's not room for middle ground with twihards, either she's the spawn of satan or the virgin mary herself.


Buffy2011 or whichever name you are using: You are amusing. There hasn't been a poster for "Mirror, Mirror" so how can they be compared? Joe Roth has admitted that this movie is trying to copy the formula of Burton's Alice in Wonderland so you'd better call him "astoundingly stupid". Explain how this film kicks butt on all levels considering that you haven't read the re-written script (the original script was crap) or seen the film itself. Same for your assumptions for "Mirror, Mirror". Like it or not ask anyone who about Snow White and the "Mirror, mirror" "Fairest of them all" exchange immediately comes to mind (the reason why the Relativity title is so clever) so people will automatically compare the looks of the Queen and SW. Real mature of you to take a untrue, nasty shot at the star of Mirror, Mirror when we are not even discussing that particular film. Your multiple posts using different names are convincing no-one and insulting other commentators and the site you are posting on makes you look even more ridiculous.

Megan: Exactly. The marketing so far is just confused and doesn't seem to know who it's targeted at (apart from Stewart's fervent fanatics).


A hint to the KStew fan here? You may want to switch up your writing style in addition to your screenname, because it's crystal-clear that you're writing all these posts. And berating other commenters is not going to change anyone's mind. It just makes you look childish.


wow,some people are really dumb here.
1-playlist could be a real information site and it should inform us that trailer is coming tomorrow
2-i read the script(first draft)that was probably changed a lot and even dough it wasnt anything amazing it had absolutly nothing to do with that travesty alice in w.
3-Theron is not threatened by her this version,she is a threat because she can take her kingdom for stewart beeing hotter then Theron-its more of a personal choice,so dont act like you said some wisdom back there alex…


The Playlist: Correction. Stephen Graham dropped out and is no longer involved with this film.

Rodie and JD: Good call on this attempting to be a rip-off of Burton's Alice in Wonderland. First thing I noticed about the poster was that the background is basically a slightly less exagerrated copy of the AiW poster. Roth and co are so pathetically desperate to cash-in on that movie and he's admitted as much. Poster is boring and laughable. Who exactly are they marketing this to? It looks like some cheap fantasy book. And the most pressing question: why would Theron be remotely threatened by Stewart's looks? The magic mirror in this film must be smoking something.


Just based off the promotional materials, I can't help feel like Mirror, Mirror is more confident in what it's trying to be. It's for kids, it's aggressively bright, over the top. And it knows it. I get more of a sense from this one that it's trying to appeal to everyone: men, Twi-hards, little kids, so it all comes off as kind of muddled. But we'll have to see.

Mr Anonymous

I don't know where else to post this but what the hell have you done to The Playlist??? OMG! The revamp is atrocious! The thing i liked about your blog was how unique your style and design was, it was old school, it had an orginality to it. Now all you've done is you've turned The Playlist looking like every other movie blog on the web. An absolute fucking mess!

I tried to find an article regarding the change but couldn't see one. Sorry but i really hate what you've done to the site. It's a mess. Please put it back to how it was.

Grade – F.


I gotta say, I've become quite a big fan of Kristen Stewarts' work lately. I absolutely loved her in Speak, The Runaways, The Messengers and in The Cake Eaters, and ofcourse the Twilight movies, but that goes without saying.
I'm really impressed with her acting skills and I think Snow White will be a great movie. Ofcourse it helps to have a great supporting cast like Charlize Theron, also one of my favorite actresses.
I'm really looking forward to seeing this one!


Wow. This banner looks great. I'm sort of interested in this flick now.

On another note, I hate how your new homepage no longer lists the number of comments in each article. Can this be fixed? Scrolling along, it looks like no one has made comments to any of your articles. It makes the place looks sort of abandoned.


I like all three – Stewart, Theron & Hemsworth. The director Sanders also intrigues. Definitely looking forward to Snow White & the Huntsman.


I'm sorry, but every time I look at KStew and her wet-sock charisma in this getup I want to burst out laughing. This project is little more than an Alice in Wonderland ripoff and even the producer (Joe Roth) has made no bones about that.


Hmm, lots of massive mushrooms going on in the Stewart scene…What's that about? Seems like an Alice in Wonderland touch. Theron looks amazing though. Way hotter than Stewart. Mirror's whacked out I guess.


This actually looks interesting and beautiful. Universal has been slowly pulling me in by getting Drive's screenwriter involved, hiring amazingly talented Brit character actors to play the dwarfs and I've seen some short films of the director Rupert Sanders. His short 'D-Minus' impressed me.
I'm thoroughly intrigued.


i love KRISTEN STEWART, so it has to be Snow White and The Huntsman!


I don't why but for some reason the Tarsem one excites me more than this one. But I guess we'll see who has the better story and visuals next year.

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