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Michael Chiklis, Forest Whitaker, Common & Ray Liotta To Star In ‘Pawn’

Michael Chiklis, Forest Whitaker, Common & Ray Liotta To Star In ‘Pawn’

This project’s got direct-to-BluRay written all over it. The components include a boring cast: Michael Chiklis and Forest Whitaker (reteaming after both serving time on “The Shield“), Ray Liotta and Common, a first-time director (David A. Armstrong), and a title so generic, you’ll be convinced there’s another film in theatres/in a Walmart bargain bin right now with the exact same name (“Pawn”).

Let’s not jump to conclusions, though. What’s the movie actually about? “An independent crime film”—that sounds promising—“centered around a hostage situation that has gone terribly wrong.” 

At least no one in the film becomes entangled in a game of chess. Oh, wait: “…an ex-con becomes entangled in a manipulative chess game between the Feds, local police and the mob.”

Chiklis’s producing shingle, Extravaganza Films, is behind the film. The screenwriter who wrote this thing, Jay Anthony White, has one previous feature credit, something called “Project 313.” This whole undertaking sounds like the sort of thing Bruce Willis would co-star in with 50 Cent. Chiklis hasn’t been very busy since his show “No Ordinary Family” was cancelled. But, Forest Whitaker is an Oscar-winning actor, and Common is a talented hip-hop artist, there must be more constructive ways for them to spend their time.

‘Pawn’ starts shooting this Thursday, December 1st. Here’s hoping Chikilis and Co. prove everybody wrong. [Deadline]

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Wow! Nice work, my man. Bashing a movie that hasn't even come out or better yet have no real clue what the whole thing is truly about. That's so great of you to make fun of actors that have made it in a business that you have clearly not. That's forward thinking. Maybe next you could pick babies that you think will be successful and babies that won't, then you could make fun of the unseccessful ones. Keep up the stellar work!


Wow really, I think it could be very interesting if you had new actors instead of old ones that act the same in each and every movie… I predict that this is going straight to REDBOX.. Kudos for the writer but at the end to bad he didn't have more of a say so as far as the casting… New talent fresh blood New actors with the passion to bring this movie to life is what is need to survive.. Common stick to rapping I have not seen you yet bring a character to life.. I guess I save my money and spend it on a scoop of Gelato.. I predict Bill Dukes has a part in this… Last movie I like was Predator nothing since then.


Ok Ryan, calm down. Have you read the script? Do you have ANY idea what you're talking about? Do you do anything besides blindly hate on things you wish you were a part of?
NO on all accounts. Sounds like a disgruntled filmmaker who's pissed at the world because his short films are Shit and this badass piece of work just snuck under your nose in your home town and no one called you.
Quit crying and create something worth while, I dare you.
And no one has to prove anything to anybody because you'll find a way to hate regardless. So own up to the fact that your a Giant Pussy dying for a great idea to finally finger fuck it's way through that Thick skull of yours.
Sincerely Gordy McBride.

Chloe Szohr

I hope this gets a theatrical release. Too many recent films starring either Ray Liotta or Forest Whitaker have just gone straight to DVD.


Since when is Emmy AND Golden Globe winning Michael Chiklis boring? And saying that Whitaker and Common should be doing better things than Chiklis? Ghost Dog hasn't exactly been lighting it up recently and do we really need to discuss Common's 'Just Wright'? Give Vic Mackey credit where credit is due.

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