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Michael K. Williams Will Be Narcotics Kingpin Opposite Dwayne Johnson In Thriller “Snitch” + “Django” Role

Michael K. Williams Will Be Narcotics Kingpin Opposite Dwayne Johnson In Thriller "Snitch" + "Django" Role

UPDATE: Deadline just added that his Django Unchained role has been scrapped completely, due to scheduling conflicts with Boardwalk Empire.

The original post below…

We already know that Michael K. Williams booked a role in an upcoming film called Snitch, which already stars DwayneThe RockJohnson and Susan Sarandon.

Now we know what exactly that role will be; Williams, who’s also up for a role in Django Unchained (a story we broke in an interview he did with Monique a few weeks ago), will play “a narcotics kingpin with a short temper who becomes involved with a man (Dwayne Johnson) who is turning DEA snitch to get his son a reduced prison stretch.

Shooting is scheduled to begin next month.

And regarding his potential role in Django Unchained (or, the movie that’s supposed to “revolutionize” Hollywood with regards to its *race matters,* according to some; hey, wait a minute, I thought Red Tails was supposed to be the movie with that burden?)… Deadline now says that they’re hearing Williams will play “muscle for ranch owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).

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Though many in Hollywood with the power and influence and reach to intimidate may tell him otherwise, Michael K. Williams is making the correct choice in not portraying an atrocious role in an atrocious movie for an abominable director with a twisted outlook. While some actors believe in never turning down a role and will pile up $ just to see the numbers rise, other actors take their reputations, careers, craft, and self-respect much more seriously and are willing to either wait for or create the right roles. I admire Michael K. Williams for his courage and hope that other actors and crew who find themselves being pressured, stand up for what is right and true.


I am lovin' the roles that Michael K. Williams portrays….he is the brotha sistahs know they can call on to "right a wrong"…he is the brother that makes your personal space "safe"…. itr does not matter that his business is "extra" legal… it just matters that he is a black man standing up for regular black folk on the "large" and "small" screens

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