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Michael Moore Gives 10 Goals for Occupy Movement

Michael Moore Gives 10 Goals for Occupy Movement

Michael Moore offers this platform for the Occupy Wall Street movement:

10 Things We Want
A Proposal for Occupy Wall Street
Submitted by Michael Moore

1. Eradicate the Bush tax cuts for the rich and institute new taxes on the wealthiest Americans and on corporations, including a tax on all trading on Wall Street (where they currently pay 0%).

2. Assess a penalty tax on any corporation that moves American jobs to other countries when that company is already making profits in America. Our jobs are the most important national treasure and they cannot be removed from the country simply because someone wants to make more money.

3. Require that all Americans pay the same Social Security tax on all of their earnings (normally, the middle class pays about 6% of their income to Social Security; someone making $1 million a year pays about 0.6% (or 90% less than the average person). This law would simply make the rich pay what everyone else pays.

4. Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, placing serious regulations on how business is conducted by Wall Street and the banks.

5. Investigate the Crash of 2008, and bring to justice those who committed any crimes.

6. Reorder our nation’s spending priorities (including the ending of all foreign wars and their cost of over $2 billion a week). This will re-open libraries, reinstate band and art and civics classes in our schools, fix our roads and bridges and infrastructure, wire the entire country for 21st century internet, and support scientific research that improves our lives.

7. Join the rest of the free world and create a single-payer, free and universal health care system that covers all Americans all of the time.

8. Immediately reduce carbon emissions that are destroying the planet and discover ways to live without the oil that will be depleted and gone by the end of this century.

9. Require corporations with more than 10,000 employees to restructure their board of directors so that 50% of its members are elected by the company’s workers. We can never have a real democracy as long as most people have no say in what happens at the place they spend most of their time: their job. (For any U.S. businesspeople freaking out at this idea because you think workers can’t run a successful company: Germany has a law like this and it has helped to make Germany the world’s leading manufacturing exporter.)

10. We, the people, must pass three constitutional amendments that will go a long way toward fixing the core problems we now have. These include:

a) A constitutional amendment that fixes our broken electoral system by 1) completely removing campaign contributions from the political process; 2) requiring all elections to be publicly financed; 3) moving election day to the weekend to increase voter turnout; 4) making all Americans registered voters at the moment of their birth; 5) banning computerized voting and requiring that all elections take place on paper ballots.

b) A constitutional amendment declaring that corporations are not people and do not have the constitutional rights of citizens. This amendment should also state that the interests of the general public and society must always come before the interests of corporations.

c) A constitutional amendment that will act as a “second bill of rights” as proposed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt: that every American has a human right to employment, to health care, to a free and full education, to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat safe food, and to be cared for with dignity and respect in their old age.

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Sue Robelia

AWESOME list of things to do, Michael. But I have one more to add to it. Get rid of the Federal Reserve. Every President who has tried, including Kennedy, was killled. It's the ONE thing I agree with Ron Paul on but it has to come from Congress not the President. For any one not familier with the whole story behind the Fed ….do some digging and find out why!!

ismatou balde

my team and i are required to oppose the motion "this house believes that occupy wall street movement does more harm than good"

George Savage

I've also hoped this would get greater attention. I'd only add two demands: publicly funded elections at all levels and total regulation of lobbying, at all levels.
Then again, I have another thought. Real reforms on a scale like single payer or like these can only work if enacted on a state by state level. A progressive state like California should in effect become a Super State, by establishing super majorities in the Senate and Assemble, and effectively rendering all Republicans irrelevant (which they already are). A Super State. Leading the way for the other states who want to follow. Or not for those who don't. Just imagine how great it would be! For everyone, eh?


This a great message. Why hasn't this message reached more ears. It saddens my heart that so many of us have had our heads in the sand trying with all.effort not to see what was been going on. We now are faced with the time that we as the people of this country must stand and make the decision to not wait for someone else to make a difference but to be that person.

David De Hart

11. Amendment: 51 votes in the Senate is all that is required for a majority (not 60).


This is a great start. Suggest you send emails to every congressperson asking they respond within 10 days stating their position with each of your goals (1) agree, (2) disagree, (3) no comment. Then publish a report on how each responded to each goal, as well as, list all who did not respond (this will be most of them). Then suggest everyone email their congressperson demanding they take a position. Politicians do not want to be held accountable or put their positions in writing. If these responses are published in all newspapers and media outlets they will be forced to address the issue.
Also suggest you publish the names (with email or home address) of all the board members of the 50 largest corporations as well as the names of those on each compensation committee demanding they explain their justification and criteria for all key exec compensation packages.
Powerful execs do not want their names and decisions exposed even though they represent public corporations.
Holding powerful people accountable with their names exposed will go a long way toward correcting greed and raping of America's wealth.

Diane Stark

This is the most important development to me personally in recent decades. These steps are like "handwriting on the wall." I expect huge numbers of people to come forward and make this movement snowball into a powerful dynamic for transformation. Our own springtime for a universally humane and sustainable society.

Cory in Amarillo

I grew up in Flint, just like Mr. Moore, and we're from the same culture and saw the same stuff. I can say with the utmost certainty that people in southeast Michigan would LOVE this, and if put to a vote, would win by a huge margin. I'm proud to be a Flintstone right now (we started calling ourselves Flintstones in the 90s…. it stuck.. we like it. lol).

This social darwinism crap has to end. That same mentality led to millions of murders in the Holocaust.

I think what the other side thinks (or so they SAY) is that we "hate rich people." Not at all. I'm just sick of being poor after working my a** off my entire adult life and now with a living standard that's WORSE than when I was in grad school. Yes, I'm an "elitist" which is doublespeak for "went to college." I worked as a welder for fifteen years to BECOME an "elitist." I was told work hard, educate myself, pull myself up by my bootstraps…. Yeah, I did all that. And now I'm seriously afraid of things like how the hell am I gonna pay for my daughter to go to college, can I afford a decent Christmas for my family, and pray constantly my 19 year old van doesn't break down because if it does I'm in complete financial ruin.

Sorry. Rambling.

GREAT post. Thank you.


It's about time and it's time has come

Lowell Finley

Thank you for posting Moore's serious proposals. If they are to go anywhere, they need the backing of many respected individuals and organizations. Are there plans for lining up such support?


CAPITALISM WITH 50% to 50% ratio is what we need.

This per Se, will create a great PYRAMIDAL Social-
Economic Base with a lot for Disposable Income which
in turn will create a LARGER demand for products
and services. Here is where the Government will take
which could supply all necessary and most important JOBS
for the citizenry as they are needed.

This way there will be some control on where the money is
at any given time. There will be no OUTSOURCING of
neither FINANCIAL MEANS nor actual JOBS to other countries.

Definitely, this will be something totally new. Take a look to what
is going on in EUROPE. They built an ECONOMIC WAY OF LIFE
based on TOURISM alone, bad tooo bad. They never thought this will one day disappear,
and the NOW-DAYS big dilemmawill developed. There is no immediate solution to
that kind of problem. They will have to re-build their Economic model
and surely will have to take care of some government activity and
participation to create THOSE so much and desperately needed
JOBS, and maintain them from there on. NEVER IN YOUR WILDES
DREAMS The private sector will do something like that. Their only
motive is PROFITS, if there is an absence of them, there is no
INVESTMENT. Then this is where The individual GOVERNMENTS
will have to go in, to guarantee that there will always be a JOB
for every one at any given time.

This SUB-SYSTEM develops out of what was called "OLIGOPOLY" in the
latter part of the 20th century. From that sub-system all the UNIONS
were developed; for there was anough money to defray them.The same
principle should be applied and emerge with a perpetual way to always
be able to create the JOBS needed to sustain, and have a self-creative
mean to be self sufficient in that respect. The private sector should be
HAPPY to have soething like this for they are mostly the PRODUCER
all those secondary elements for life to our citizenry. This translate
in in the eventguality they will hold the monetary resources invested

So, I think that if there is an study of this 11th program, there is a
possibility that we may never see another rescession.

Concerned Citizen.

DeborahM Pratt

This is a solid, logical beginning that could affect change if we all come together and make it happen. I would add the following:'
1)Nationalize the Federal Reserve so our money is made by our government not private bankers.
2) Make taxes be on what we purchase, other than food or health care, and not what we earn – unless you are earning over a $10 Million dollars a year- that includes the corporate persona as well.
3) Cap Corporate earnings and bonuses returning huge profits back to development and the consumer that supports that industry.
4) Make all efforts to stop using foreign oil for anything except storage containers.
5) Bring back hemp for the host of uses it can be applied to.
6) Stop Monsanto from modifying our food and altering our genetics. Put them on trial for crimes against humanity.
7) Stop bio colonialism.
8) End lobbyists in Washington and with it corporate control of government official and there by government.
9) Create a central space/online site like for people to share ideas on how to come together as a collective force first here in the United States and then collectively around the world. Share the resources this planet has to offer and not consume and destroy the gifts this planet gives us freely every day.
10)Find a way to stop bitching about what isn't working and whose to blame and only offer a solution for what can work to help make a better world.
Do One thing every day to make a better future happen now. BE THE CHANGE!!!!

jolene flamm

I agree 100% with what you are saying. I hope that you and others will make it happen. We all need to stand up for what is right and what we need.


With a couple of caveats, Amen.

Now if only we could get Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, or someone really "Apple Pie" like Reese Witherspoon instead of Mr. Moore to present these ideas to the public. Nothing against Mr. Moore but his detractors are many.

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