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Naomie Harris Will Need A Huskier, Sexier, More Womanly Voice For Her Role In Bond 23 (“Skyfall”)

Naomie Harris Will Need A Huskier, Sexier, More Womanly Voice For Her Role In Bond 23 ("Skyfall")

Hah! Well… at least she hasn’t been asked to wear a fat suit, or a wig ;)

Naomie Harris has reportedly been told told that she’ll have to change her voice for her role in the next James Bond installment, titled Skyfall; a role that may or may not be Moneypenny so far it’s been described as “a field agent called Eve,” though some claim that Eve eventually becomes Moneypenny? I’m not intimately familiar with James Bond lore, and I couldn’t find anything confirming that as fact, so I can’t say whether or not “Eve” is a precursor to Monyepenny. Besides, I’d rather see Naomie kicking arse and firing weapons than sitting behind a desk, flirting with 007.

Anywho… yes, word from some UK papers is that the film’s producers feel that her natural voice is too high-pitched, and they prefer that it be more husky, going for something sexier and more “womanly.” After all, she is in a James Bond movie, where the women he beds are usually sexy and womanly :)

In addition, the 35-year-old actress, who expressed her love for Grace Jones’ performance in A View to a Kill, has been actively prepping for the roles which will apparently require that she be ready to be just as dynamic as Jones’ *Bond Girl* characterization was.

Stay tuned…

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ita with Micah. I've sometimes wished just my speaking voice sounded like Cathy Moriarty's from Raging Bull–I'm not a guy nor gay but i've always thought her voice was sexy as hell. Plus i'm so glad to see Noemie doing so well, wish she would get a big leading lady role in a feature though. vin


Let me first say that Naomie Harris still does get the attention and accolades she deserves. To be the good-looking, talented and charismatic yet not be a HUGE star is mind boggling.

That being said, I don't think it's an insult to say talk in a huskier voice. While the female voice doesn't go through as dramatic changes a male voice goes through during puberty it does in deed change and become huskier. There's a distinct deference in the way girls' voices are and women's voice are.

That aside a number of actress have had or just used a lower tone and smooth voice to sound sexy in very strong roles. Especially actresses in bygone generations when women's roles were larger in big films. Examples: Lauren Bacall, Mae West

Even more recent actresses have done the same. Examples: Angelina Jolie, Kathleen Turner, even Scarlett Johansson in certain roles.

A slightly lower toned and smooth voice fits well especially if the character is supposed to be knowledgeable, powerful, mysterious and sexually mature.

Just so I'm clear a huskier voice for a woman doesn't mean a manly sounding voice. It you sound straight up like a dude, that's going to kill the moment. That's way too low!


She said something about having to fire machine guns, so hopefully her role is meaty.

Just Thinking Out Loud

High-pitched= girly/sophmoric
Husky= mature/womanly

Makes sense to me. In any rate, I'd love for this film to be a prequel bc it would answer so many questions. However, she'd be distracting as Moneypenny.


Never understood why a deep, husky voice is considered "womanly." But okayyyyyy


I thought I read that she trained a few weeks for the role, maybe up to 2 months or more for it. So I am sure she has a legitimate role in the film that requires some butt kicking. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't sign onto a role that requires her to sit at the desk, when she is clearly capable of doing so much more!

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