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New Poster & Image Of ‘Young Adult’ Showcases The Female Side Of Grown-Up Arrested Development

New Poster & Image Of 'Young Adult' Showcases The Female Side Of Grown-Up Arrested Development

“Everyone gets old. Not everyone grows up.” Amen. And welcome to the new tagline for Jason Reitman‘s “Young Adult,” his follow-up feature to “Up In The Air,” and his second collaboration with “Juno” screenwriter Diablo Cody. By all accounts, “Young Adult” and its ugly and unapologetic script and characters are going to be one difficult pill to swallow for audiences. The New York Times calls Charlize Theron‘s self-involved lead character in the film one of the most unlikable protagonists in recent memory,  our recent review out of Austin called the film, “uflinchingly funny and painful” and when Cody recently described the film she said succintly, “assholes don’t change.”

Sounds like a cake walk, right? “Young Adult” centers on a desperate and unhinged young adult fiction writer (played by Theron) who returns to her home in small-town Minnesota, looking to rekindle a romance with her ex-boyfriend, who is now married with kids. The film also stars Patton Oswalt, Patrick Wilson, Elizabeth Reaser, Collette Wolfe and J.K. Simmons in a very brief, catch-it-if-you can voice cameo (reports that said Simmons was the narrator turned out to be false; there is no narrator).

But will “Young Adult” be too ugly for Oscar? Will it earn Theron a Best Actress performance nod or will it go the way of say, Noah Baumbach‘s “Margot At The Wedding,” which featured a similarly ugly (but excellent) turn by Nicole Kidman, but went completely noticed by Academy voters that year (and arguably by audiences as well). It’s hard to say and Reitman seems to have more luck with the Academy then Baumbach does sadly. Though both of them seem to be hitting on the same theme: an accute arrested development in 30 or 40-something adults (see Baumbach’s version on this affliction in “Greenberg“).

Either way, two new elements have arrived from the film. A new poster (via Hitfix) and a new image (via Entertainment Weekly). “Young Adult” opens in limited release on December 9 and then begins wide expansion on December 16.

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Thanks for giving props to Margot at the Wedding. That is the most underrated, overly bashed movie that I personally like, so it's nice to see some praise for it.

More on topic, I think this movie looks to be funny and interesting. Reitman gets really good performances out of actors, female ones in particular as we saw with Up In The Air. So combine that with Theron's talent and I'd say she could draw enough attention for at least a best actress (musical or comedy) golden globe nomination.

As for the film, I understand it's getting good reviews and I'm not surprised but my only reservation going into it (and really not knowing anything but whats in the preview and the brief plot description) is that it's going to run into a kind of trap where it either goes into much-tread territory or tries too hard to be original and there's too much of almost seeing Diablo Cody thinking…if that makes any sense. But I'm still optimistic and a huge fan of Reitman and think Juno has been overly criticized by bloggers. It still holds up despite the hated hip lingo.

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