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New ‘This Means War’ Images Confirm Tom Hardy & Chris Pine Will Wear Designer Suits…And Hold Guns

New 'This Means War' Images Confirm Tom Hardy & Chris Pine Will Wear Designer Suits...And Hold Guns

Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, as dueling CIA agents, shake hands while the mutual object of their affections (Reese Witherspoon) watches pensively. A focused Pine leads Hardy and Witherspoon down a corridor, gun at the ready. The two male leads, in black tie, stand on a tarmac either waiting for a helicopter or posing for GQ. These are the newest stills from “This Means War,” the next opus from frat-boy cineaste, McG. The universal cyber-consensus is that this numbingly formulaic action romcom will blight all the bodies of work of those involved. Particularly Hardy who, for the past three years, has had a notable run of fierce performances…that is, until “This Means War” is released.

We’d be lying though if we said we weren’t at least interested to see what bloggers and critics alike do with the film’s title upon its release. Maybe… “McG? This means war!” or “Yes. This does mean war. War on good taste.” Feel free to submit your own. We’re all ears.

The new images only perpetuate the banality of the slick look, smarmy feel and tired premise of “This Means War.” If you happen to catch it in theaters, we suspect the seats will be full of men named Ox, or VernDawg, or possibly JägerMonster and their interminably bored dates…

Big explosions matched with regressive sexual politics hits theaters February 17th…a bloody valentine indeed. [TomHardyParty]

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It's a little unfair and unprofessional to pre-judge this film so harshly without even seeing it. The premise, actually, is not a bad idea, and all those involved, in front of the camera at least, are charismatic and capable. So why the aggressive dismissiveness? What kind of critic conclusively labels a film a 'numbingly formulaic action romcom' simply from a trailer, a few photos, and the presence of McG? I'm not disputing that it may well end up being just that, but I haven't seen it yet, so I really not yet in a position to condemn it.


Random Star Trek connection – Chris Pine (James Kirk) and Tom Hardy (Shinzon) together on screen. I wasn’t interested in this movie until they cast these two in it. They are both incredible actors and it will be amazing to see them bounce off each other in this film. I hope ‘This Means War’ is a grand success – critically and commercially.


No, Scott nobody cares because that would mean caring about the film to begin with. Luckily, Tom Hardy won't be tormented for too long about this career misstep because TDKR will allow the world to forget about his dreadful decision to sell out. Meanwhile, Chris Pine will continue to remain as "that dude from Star Trek and hanging out on a train with Denzel Washington" and as for Witherspoon, she will happily take her $20 mil paycheck all the way to the bank.

Scott Mendelson

Doesn't anyone care that the middle image is a MASSIVE spoiler?
It clearly reveals that either A) Witherspoon gets kidnapped by bad guys in the third act and must be rescued or B) Witherspoon is secretly a villain using both spies for espionage purposes? I'm guessing B, due to her still being tied and what appears to be Hardy holding a weapon on her. Either way, why do studios insist on tossing out such major plot points as a random publicity shot?

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