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Official Poster For “Think Like A Man”

Official Poster For "Think Like A Man"

Ok, so we posted this a few weeks back, after one of the actors (I believe it was Meagan Good) posted it on Twitter; I guess she wasn't supposed to do that because, some time after, I received one of those cease-and-desist notices, and, of course, complied and removed the post.

Now, they've *officially* unveiled the poster, which is pretty much the same thing that we had before. 

So, here it is in full below without further comment…

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It does look like a black version of he's just not that into you. I am happy to see black actors working.However, I hope this movie is not a boring cliche romantic comedy with minority actors. I kind of wish hollywood would go against type and take a risk. This movie is not taking a risk it looks well just pretty typical.


Another must-miss release…No thanks!


Nope, won't be supporting steve harvey's foolishness!


Looking like a cocoa "He's Just Not that Into You." I feel kind of bad that I'm a fan of all the men (minus Terrence J) and the only female lead who interest me is Regina Hall.

I don't think I knew Tim Story directed this…I might…actually…pay money to see it?

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