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Oscar Watch: Janet McTeer Talks Gender-Bending Albert Nobbs and Glenn Close

Oscar Watch: Janet McTeer Talks Gender-Bending Albert Nobbs and Glenn Close

Janet McTeer didn't mean to steal the gender-bender drama "Albert Nobbs" from its writer-producer-star, Glenn Close, who developed and willed the $8-million period film into being. But McTeer does, partly because the tall powerful stage actress (Oscar-nominated for "Tumbleweeds") has the showier part as free-wheeling house painter Hubert. Actors will recognize the degree of difficulty for the diminutive Close, whose character is locked in a 30-year prison, passing as a man in 19th century Dublin. While Nobbs is closed in, lonely and isolated, hiding behind a mask, frightened of any disturbance in her world, Hubert owns the physicality and freedom of a man–and lives with a woman. My video interview with McTeer is below.

Here's an "Albert Nobbs" review round-up; I also interviewed Close here and Mia Wasikowska here. The movie will open limited on December 31 in advance of a wider January release.

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So much for "new media". Hey, if you guys are out to replace television can you at least invest in some microphones for your cameras so we can hear what the interviewees are saying? No one cares about hearing the interviewer. I have a digital recorder that I paid $50 for at Radio Shack that gives better sound. This is amateur hour!

Nat Drury

A true person and deserves the Oscar.

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