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OWN To Premiere New Show In January Starring Who Else? Oprah!

OWN To Premiere New Show In January Starring Who Else? Oprah!

Despite her vow that she was going to stay behind-the-scenes running her network, you just kinda knew that anyone with an ego like hers wasn’t going to be satisifed being behind the camera for long.. And now that her BFF (Or common-in-law wife It’s still not clear) Gayle King has left Oprah’s network to join CBS’ The Early Show, that meant that a time slot was vacant to be filled.

So, starting in January, OWN will premiere “Oprah’s Next Chapter” in which, from the description of the show, sounds like she will travel around the world interviewing rich and famous celebrities to show off how wonderful and extraordinary they are while you’re nothing. 

In the two hour opening episode, Oprah will travel to the New Hampshire estate of Aerosmith lead singer and Amercian idol judge Steve Tyler; and in following epiosdes, will visit Paula Deen, the obnoxious so-called chef who makes the unhealthist meals on the planet, Sean Penn in Haiti and his humanitarian work there, George Lucas at the Skywalker Ranch, and televangeist Joel Osteen.

In a statement about the new show, Oprah said: “After 25 years I got myself out of the studio chairs. I moved into the next chapter, and I am having more fun than ever — moving around the country and the world talking to people I’m really interested in getting to know and I think viewers will be, too.” 

Hey O, I wouldn’t exactly bet on that.

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Mekisha Hale

What this woman can do is her right,but with the comments that "Oprah Winfrey" have been getting for years about her friend "Gayle King" is being disrespectful. What there friendship is to each other is their business. And doesn't need anyone approval from anyone. As for the OWN Network" This is a business it's not suppose to be easy. It's trying to figure out what really works and what doesn't to making a successful network. It's the disrespectful of "Oprah Winfrey" being the woman she is and doing her thing. Like it's against nature for someone as a black woman or any other woman to be strong and making her way through a business that has very few ethnic women or women who have a self owned network. Ending a very influential program "The Oprah Winfrey Show" for so many years being on air. To now owning a network this is huge step for anyone. And it will take time. But if you want a clear understanding about the state of the network television today all of them are have some trouble just being able to keep a show from being cancelled,after the last couple years networks have been struggling in this market. So "Oprah Winfrey has company when dealing with the difficult decisions specially when it gets down to running a network. She had to know that when the Oprah Winfrey Show had enough years that it was time to move on to something else.


Love Oprah and I always will. I love her beautiful smile and her well deserved EGO!!! Leave it to negative jealous types to see something else instead of a strong independant intelligent woman who changed the face of America. Hate only get's you closer to the Devil, so I hope people wake up and stop hating on people who contribute something to this society instead of sitting on their backsides and complain, wah, wah!


I as a viewer at one time felt she betrayed the audience when she gave the nation POTUS and had him on her show. I felt she lost any respect that I had for her and I won't watch her anymore for any reason.

Holly Wilson

In Oprah's book she wrote about two cockroaches she befriended when she was a poor child growing up in the south. According to the Daily Rash, the very same cockroaches have been found alive in Mississippi!



Just sell OWN to WWE.


I am so tired of that woman! Self-centred TV mogul who tries to shape public opinion with her new age twisted mumbo jumbo.

The (not so angry) Prude From Iowa

@ Sergio, as TY and Mandy already pointed out, this isn't news at all so what's this post really all about? What, Oprah wouldn't give you an interview? If so, after reading this, who would blame her? Damn man, where do you get off making such insulting comments. I mean, from the tone of your words in this post and several others that champion our talented tenth, you seem to have an entrench hatred for the rich, powerful, and beautiful black people of the world. So Oprah is moving on to another challenge in her life – and she's enjoying it – so what's your problem? Is it jealousy, envy, or a failed attempt a writing something witty and informative?


"… she will travel around the world interviewing rich and famous celebrities to show off how wonderful and extraordinary they are while you are nothing" <— She's an expert at this.

I'm an ironic Oprah fan though.


Is the "or common law wife" joke really necessary? This is Indiewire, not Perez Hilton. "Ooooh maybe Oprah is gay" jokes notwithstanding, the grammar and spelling is atrocious, and as Ty points out, this isn't news at all, as it was announced ages ago. Is this what passes for front-page news on Indiewire these days? I hope not, because this is embarassing.


The show "Oprah's Next Chapter" was planned from the beginning. It was among one of the first shows mentioned if you look at the original list of programing.

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