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Persia White Joins Cast Of “Vampire Diaries”

Persia White Joins Cast Of "Vampire Diaries"

Persia White of Girlfriends fame has joined the cast of The Vampire Diaries – a show I’m not at all familiar with.

Anyone? Anyone?

I know it airs on the CW and not much else.

According to Entertainment Weekly, White will play Abby Bennett, the mother who abandoned Bonnie (Kat Graham).

The role will be a recurring one for Persia, and is described as “a beautiful but troubled woman who is burdened by the secrets of her past that led her to leave Bonnie. She’s also “as determined and fiery as any Bennett woman.” Is that code for “she’s also a witch,” or, perhaps, was there a reason we learned in last week’s episode that someone can be either a witch or a vampire but never both?

I’m sure all that means something to somebody out there; just not me :)

Persia will begin appearing on the CW’s top-rated show when it returns in January.

She will next be seen in the feature film Dysfucntional Friends, which we last wrote about HERE.

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Persia White

Ahhhhhh I LOVE reading all of your comments! and I agree with many of you on your questions…especially about the lack o black thing. Thats why it's so fantastic to be on the show! Things are going to get very interesting on VPD ;) ….. Trust!

Persia White xxx


The show used to be decent, but it just got too messy with too many new characters over the past season and a half. I only watch if nothing else is on. However, Persia should be a good addition because Bonnie's usual storylines have her risking her life to cast dangerous spells to save the white characters. Also, it seems that Black characters only show up to later become vampire snacks, so I hope Persia's role has some complexity.


@LINDZ like ROB said Klaus' mother was a witch, the black ones were from the same familial line. @ROB the warlocks were black, well the son may have been biracial lol, but *shrug*. But I do think there was a black vampire that wasn't a main player during the whole "vampires escaping the tomb" season. And less we forget that Catherine's vampire best friend was Asian and her daughter was somewhat Asian lol…Robert Ri'chard may be a good addition and Persia fits the mold of a Bennett woman. But somebody should tell the CW that not all black people are light lol.


I actually love this show. I understand how all the witches have been ALL black people because it's hereditary or whatever, but how come they have NEVER had a black person on the show that isn't a witch. It's not like every white person on there is a vampire. And also, if there was interracial children somewhere along the line, don't you think that witches could be other races by now? Just a thought.

However, looking forward to seeing how Bonnie's mother plays into the story. Moreso on a personal level for Bonnie.


Wel…i wouldn't get too attached. They have a habit of killing off POC on that show. I fell in love with Jasmine Guy and of course they got rid of her. Black people dont last long on that show. 2 Episodes tops!


I love Persia. So glad to see the series is at least trying to give character, "Bonnie" more story. I watched season one. It will definitely hook you. I love "Bonnie" but noticed all too soon that the writers would do what they normally do and that's either downplay the full history of the past in those flashbacks. Actress Bianca Lawson starred in a couple flashback episodes; an ancestor of Bonnie's and yes, they are witches. There's a legacy of Bonnie's family, the women, being connected to Elena and of course to the Salvatore brothers and this town. I haven't viewed season 2; am hesitant to do so because I've read of what happens (or what doesn't happen) with Bonnie's character. I'm all for characters for rooting for black females in lead roles especially on shows like this that's both mainstream and cult. Persia will be a great addition simply because she's Persia. LOL. And because, again, Bonnie's role is important and should be explored more. Also fandom is vicious. The writers tried to give Bonnie a romantic lead in Elena's brother, Jeremy and the nutjobs went beserk calling her everything under the sun and beyond. It's amazing the reaction of folks to 'change'. Also, Katerina Graham is awesome and a better actor than some of the others on the show—definitely prettier. But I'm so biased.


I'm a fan of the show, but I'm several episodes behind. White has acted the same in everything I've seen her do, so it will be very interesting to see her tackle drama. Maybe they want the character to be a Lisa Bonet-ish "earthy weirdo" type, because there are lots of out of work actresses who could pass as Kat Graham's mother. Shallow side note: What has Persia done to her poor nose?

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