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Project of the Day: Ryan Baxter, Professional Reenactor

Project of the Day: Ryan Baxter, Professional Reenactor

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“Ryan Baxter: Reenactor”

Tweetable Logline:

Ryan Baxter can on be himself by being someone else.
Elevator Pitch:
A college student begins to document the lives of cable television reenactment actors and uncovers Ryan Baxter, a “reenactor” committed to putting his own spin on history. Looking over him is Gil, the angst-ridden director of Ryan’s misadventures, who spends more time trying to corral Ryan’s historical inaccuracies on set than repairing his own career.

News of a game-changing, major network television reenactment surfaces amongst the crew, and both Ryan and Gil are sent into a tailspin. Friends become enemies, antics ensue, and misrepresented history gets even worse.

Ryan must figure out who he is… who he really is. 

Production Team:
Writer/Director: Brandon Haberman (“Celebrity Apprentice,” “Ice Road Truckers,” “Survivor,” “The Contender”)
Producer: Brandon Haberman, Matt Whittaker, Keisha Haberman
Directors of Photography: Nat Havholm, Brandon Haberman
Editors: C.S. Bradshaw, Brandon Haberman, Matt Whittaker
Executive Producers: Brandon Haberman, Keisha Haberman 
About the Production:
With my background as a Director of Photography in reality television, I always wanted to make a transition over to narrative features with a film that allowed me to shoot it in an interview-based setting mixed with traditional scene work. Likewise, I’m fascinated by the world of reenactment actors. We see them all the time, but they’re like a micro-culture… and it really feels like something that has never been explored… and clearly, the comedic possibilities are endless when you talk about characters who botch history. It writes itself… and I love how chaotic it becomes.  
Current Status:
The filmmakers are in the last stage of post-production.
For more information and to support the film:


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Angela H. Brown

This film looks creatively funny! I'm sure it will do well on the festival circuit, once it is made! Keep up the awesome work (so far) …


This move looks RAD! So much serious cinema as of late. This seems lighthearted, random, and farcical in all the right ways! I hope this makes it way to my box office.

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