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Questions For “Pariah” Cast And Crew…???

Questions For "Pariah" Cast And Crew...???

Hey folks – I'll be chatting with the cast and crew of Pariah tomorrow morning – specifically, writer/director Dee Rees, and stars Adepero Oduye and Kim Wayans.

I plan to videotape everything to post here later in the week, or next; so if you have any questions, or comments you'd like to ask any of the three, leave them in the comments section below.

If not, that's just fine too :)

By the way, mega-congrats to Dee Rees for winning the Breakthrough Director Award at the IFP Gotham Awards tonight, announced a little bit ago; a full writeup on the awards show tomorrow.

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Canopy Jones

Does Dee Rees have a mentor? Can she talk about what it was like being approached or scouting for distribution at festivals? What are some of the biggest changes that have occurred since the rise in acclaim of Pariah? Talk about the bare bones of your development process…What you went through to acquire your ATL? (a unique journey for independent writer/directors, yes?)

aspiring filmmaker dying to know. Thanks Tambay!



Please ask Kim Wayans will she be involve in the return of In Living Color?


now that i've seen it i would probably ask dee what exactly she wants people to take away from the film. there is a lot to be said about communication and the lack of it in the film. that unspoken family stuff. i think she has a good story going b/w the mom and dad would she consider developing a story based on their issues. that's all i've got right now.


Ask Dee Rees, What is her next directorial project?


Ask Kim, What made her choose to return to the front of the camera in a drama as opposed to a comedy? and What's next fro her?

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