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Ratner’s Out, Grazer’s In – Will Eddie Come Back?

Ratner's Out, Grazer's In - Will Eddie Come Back?

Now that it was offically announced that super A-Lister producer Brian Grazer – co-founder and co-owner of Imagine Entertainment with Ron Howard – will produce next year’s 84th annual Oscar show, replacing Brett Ratner (who was fired by the Academy but claimed he resigned as a cover), this question has been going around: will Eddie Murphy come back after he quit as host of the show, in the wake of Ratner’s leaving? 

Since Grazer and Murphy are friends, and Murphy has appeared in several films produced by Imagine such as the recent Tower Heist, Bowfinger, The Nutty Professor movies, and the TV series The P.J.’s, there was hope that Murphy would return as host. But the answer is NOPE!

Though Grazer has publicly said that he would like Murphy to return, he’s already making plans to get a new host. Several names are being rumored, with Neil Patrick Harris being a favorite choice, though nostalgia freaks are hoping for a return of Billy Crystal, who, for some reason, is considered a comedy god, though he hasn’t appeared in a film in the last 42 years. (At least Harris was in The Smurfs and all those Harold and Kumar) movies.

The fact of the matter is that Murphy’s leaving has angered A LOT of people in the industry who felt that it was totally unprofessional, though Murphy most likely doesn’t care.

If you ask me (and you didn’t but I’ll tell you anyway) my choice would be Ricky Gervais. After his scalding and brilliant hosting job at the Golden Globes, I would love to see him burn that Oscar show down to the ground and give those pretentious jerks what they deserve.

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ANYWHO, IT'S ALL A MOOT POINT… b'cuz Dain't been amusing in years, Billy Crystal is in the driver's seat.


Have to cosign with Donnie. I think the initial anger is that it looked as if Eddie left out of loyalty to Ratner. If that's true, he deserves all the tongue lashing he gets. But doesn't make any sense at all for Eddie to leave unless both guys were being pushed out. The fact that people thought Grazer would get Eddie back due to their better relationship but Brian basically responded "no chance in hell" does make it seem like something else is going on. I also doubt one gay slur would be enough to fire/force out Ratner. Somebody in the Academy lost their nerve and probably feared there might be a repeat of the Golden Globes – but more low class. Haven't closely followed all Eddie's comments about hosting but I never came across anything to suggest he'd rather not do the show.


"But he's paid for life" ~LOVESFILMMUSIC

Well well well, has the smoked cleared yet?…cuz that's what I'm talking about! Look, Eddie does NOT need the Oscar gig. Truth be told…they REALLY need him. Are you kidding me…we've all seen that dry non-funny mess they've rolled out in the past. And look, lets not minimize the necessity of one holding on to their integrity and loyalties. Hey, you know the saying… "you gotta dance with the woman that you took to the ball". So if Eddie's decision to leave was predicated on the departure of his guy Ratner, I say cool, big ups to Eddie and more power to'em. In the movie business, loyalties and respect should not be taken lightly.

But check this out, would I be wrong if I said the Oscar camp could give a rats ass about Y'all? Seriously, they’d rather buy a bag of frog spit before they'd pay a dime to see a "black" film or champion someone with pigment other than white. But on the other hand, as I was reading the comments…my eyes started twitching and my knees started jerking while reading all the negative comments regarding Eddie Murphy. You know…I mean…why oh why do so many of our people believe it's "right" to tear down one of our own when they've reached a level of success in which few have ventured?

Anyway, I don't want to hear a peep outta you guys when they annouce the new co-hosts…Madea & Tyler Perry & Martin Lawrence & Big Momma. But if you prefer Conan I'll understand.


Eddie is a recluse who was looking for a way out. The Box Office of Tower Heist put even more pressure. Rattner was supposed to be his security blanket. The best thing that happened to him was for Rattner to bow out which allowed Eddie to quickly follow.

Donnie Leapheart

Why am I the only one thinking that Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy might not have left willingly? Haven't we all seen that movie where the politician or high-ranking official is forced to "resign" to save face publicly? Ratner was probably the only reason Murphy was considered, once he left there was no longer a reason to keep Eddie on board. There was no real reason for Eddie to quit, especially when there was so much positive buzz about him hosting the show. Loyalty to a guy he made ONE movie with just isn't enough of a reason.

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