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Ricky Gervais Returns To Host The Golden Globes, Piss Off Hollywood

Ricky Gervais Returns To Host The Golden Globes, Piss Off Hollywood

Ratings 1, Hollywood Egos 0

Earlier in the week, Deadline reported that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was split on whether or not to have Ricky Gervais back to host the Golden Globes. The more delusional of the bribe-taking, party-throwing group were worried that having Gervais back once again to take down the very Hollywood stars who attend the ceremonies would take away from the “prestige” of the event that wasn’t above nominating the execreable “The Tourist” last year if only to force Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie to attend. Meanwhile, the more sensible half of the organization were heeding the pleas of NBC who were eager to benefit from the ratings Gervais would bring to the show. Add into the mix Gervais — who was publicly chastised by the HFPA following his gig last year — threatening a few months ago to do a Golden Globes live podcast along with some fellow comedians, and well, it’s no surprise to see that he’ll once again get a chance to skewer Hollywood.

Smarter heads have prevailed, and the HFPA has announced Gervais will be back and acknowledge not everyone in their camp is happy about it. While the awards themselves are mostly an expensive PR exercise, Gervias’ presence has made the show a must-see, with jokes that go hard and aim very high. The HFPA has wisely realized that yeah, audiences like to see the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, but they also like to see these primped up stars taken down a notch, sometimes at the expense of a well-executed joke. And no one has done it better in recent years than Gervais.

The Golden Globes will be broadcast on January 15th. And if Gervais wants to start off on a conciliatory note this time around, he might make the first joke about his turn in “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World.”

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There are so very many talented,-TALENTED!-Men and women here in the US that could fill the hosting job,why must the organizers be so blind to the fact that he makes television look bad.The best of entertainment doesn't need a jerk with a toilet mouth foreigner to host an awards program for the curious to see our stars our designers and yes look at what the younger onlookers are listenting&watching! A putz! We wont be watching,what a wast of air time.

Christopher R

Good. We need a little 'bump' now and then. This town has begun to get a little too uppity. I only hope he'll go further than he has in the past. Last time, I said, 'With all that talent and cleverness; why did he lay back so?'
Go for it, Ricky. Give 'em 'what for.'


I'm just worried he will tame it down this time, even if everyone knows what to expect. Let's hope not.


Is he really funny? It's just me,but I don’t think so…just a mean-hearted middle-aged man.I think it's funny if rating will be down from last year's.Then no one will care him.


This is great news. Its like a comedy roast for all the people who would never have a comedy roast.


I like the title of this article, among the similar topic articles. That's why i'm a The Playlist person.

Lydia Roberts

I’d like to see him even more outrageously insulting tirades from Ricky Gervais about everyone in Hollywood.
It will be his 3rd time hosting the event and I would like to see him co-hosting this time with another comedian to bounce off each other and make it more interesting.
It could also be him passing the baton to a younger comedian and set up a new comedian host who can return and who is a Ricky Gervais level player.


I was pretty sure the idea that he "pissed off Hollywood" or bruised their egos was a myth.

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