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Sarah Palin Gone from Headlines, But Will Survive on VOD

Sarah Palin Gone from Headlines, But Will Survive on VOD

Release Dates:        
November 8th (Internet VOD/EST), November 11th (Cable VOD)
DVD to be released in 2012
Directed by:              
Nick Broomfield (Biggie and Tupac, Kurt & Courtney) and Joan Churchill (Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer)

Appearances by:      
John Bitney (Palin’s former Legislative Director), Howard Bess (Former Alaskan pastor), Colleen Cottle (Former Wasilla Deputy Mayor), Walt Moneghan (Former Police Chief of Anchorage), Mike Wooten (Palin’s former brother-in-law/Troopergate Scandal), Chuck and Sally Heath (Palin’s parents) , Lyda Green (Former Alaskan Senate President), and Laura Chase (Palin’s former campaign manager)

Running Time:          
 90 Minutes

Not Rated

Nick Broomfield’s quest for the real Sarah Palin – A journey across the icy snows of Alaska in mid winter, to meet the school friends, family, and Republican colleagues that in previous days gave their heart, and souls to the charismatic, charming, and intoxicating ex hockey mum. But it’s not all plain sailing. People are frightened to talk, Wasilla makes Twin Peaks look like a walk in the park. It’s a devout evangelical community – 76 churches with a population of only 6 thousand, and the Crystal meth capitol of Alaska. Who are the flying monkeys, the enemies, the friends, and most importantly – are you with her or against her? Join the quest and for Christ’s sake buy some thermals!


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Geez people get a grip. Probably enjoying being a wife, mom, and grandma and the $25 mil she's made the last three years. She's going to be around, with a huge fan base, beauty and charismatic personality she could show up just about anywhere.


Marianne, she was the second woman from a major political party to be nominated as a Vice-Presidental candidate, the first was Democrat Geraldine Farraro. I hope that cleared that up !!


Sarah Palin made history many times, first becoming her states first female Governor, then her partys first female vice-presidental candidate and first Republican woman on a national ticket, and second woman in history to be on a national ticket. She is a icon and is not going anywhere. Maybe she is sick and tired of being bashed, I would be too.


Anthony, YOUR status has fallen. Nothing else to talk about? Trying another Palin bashing. It is sad that you do not have anything else to write about ' that you could possibly make a difference in this world'. That is what you get paid for right? Just sit and type anything and everything negative that you can possibly think of. You did not want her to succeed; if she did you would bash that too. Talk about useless commentary…

sarah palin is useless

Some people use their celebrity to fuel their political career…. Sarah Palin used her political career to create a 2 year buzz that has become a joke. Sarah Palin could have been American Margaret Thatcher or Eva Peron….. Sarah decided to be Snooki or Paris Hilton….

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